Our journey to becoming a wedding venue was challenging, but we were excited to finally get our first wedding under our belt.  Janelle and Brian were the perfect couple to jump start our new venture; they had low expectations, but then they were tickled pink at all of the changes that we had made.  We still had much learning to go and we were optimistic for what was coming ahead.

As you read in Part I, we had simple beginnings and a simple plan on our wedding business approach. Remember, initially, we were hoping that we could find "several" brides to book weddings here but never imagined that it would turn into a full time business. In early 2011, we had four generations living here on the farm.  My mother, Willene Reynolds (everyone called her Mimi) lived in her brick house still enjoying a busy retirement with lots of involvement in her church and with a local widow's ministry plus weekly meetings with her china painting friends, and she was also very involved with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She was aged, somewhat decrepit but still managed to be active, work in her flower beds, and be the hospitality queen of the farm. Her love of flowers has influenced both me and Jill.  Her love of life, God, and relationships have influenced all who knew her.

We are finally here to tout our best of the best from our 2019 weddings that we refer to as "Magazine Worthy Photos."  We have been showcasing the best photos from 2019 and have already revealed 21 of them....all in random order but truly all awesome photos.  I can't begin to tell you difficult it was to identify our top 24 photos but strangely it was easy to identify our top three!  Jill and I both mull our candidates and agree on these.  These final three are in order.  They are what we feel are the Best of the Best!  I hope you will agree!

Each year, with a new slate of brides, comes an array of photographers to capture their special wedding day.  We are always tickled pink when these photos are shared with us to view, to use, and to share on social media.  During the year, we share some of these photos on our Facebook and Instagram.  At the end of the wedding season, we happily gaze through these photos and enjoy walking down memory lane from all of our special wedding from the previous year.  Then we painstakingly comb through all of these photos again and again to select our favorites.  We tout this list of "24" photos as "Magazine Worthy Photos" because there is something extra special about these; unique enough that we could easily imagine them displayed in a magazine ad.  All of our weddings are special but this list is our way to salute the exceptional talent and artistry of so many of our talented photographers.

These top 3 are in order of winner, second place, then third place.  The remaining 21 photos are all in random order but were selected from 100's of wedding photos from this year and all were special enough to be included in our Best of 2019 - Magazine Wedding Photos list.