Every year we do some winter projects. This year is no exception.  First up is our infamous "Man Cave."  No longer do our groom and groomsmen hang out in the Man Cave.  As charming somehow as it was, we felt it was time for an upgrade. Only steps away from the Man Cave is the Mimi Guest House.  It is a multi-purpose house with lots of options on how to use it.  We are giving the Great Room of the Guest House for the guys from 1:30 until the ceremony time. With kitchen access, it means that the guys can have their

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I always try to follow up with our past brides each year to request photos, to follow up on whether they liked their vendors, and then also to ask a series of questions so that we can assess any needed improvements and such.  One question that I also ask is, "If you had a do-over, is there anything that you would do differently?"  Basically, I am looking for any tidbits of advice that our past brides can pass along to our new crop of brides.  We are in a business where we are dealing with "bride novices" and to plan a wedding has many details.  Hopefully some of these comments can be helpful.

SATURDAY  NOVEMBER 2     2-6 PM With a last minute cancellation of a precious Fall Saturday, we have decided to turn lemons into lemonade by hosting a Fall Open House for not only potential future brides but hopefully to also entice some of our past brides to come by for a visit to the farm. If you are a potential future bride, then be sure and come so you can see the venue at the perfect time of day. Fall days are beautiful and the cafe lights turn the farm magical towards evening. We will be giving tours every hour.  We have initiated

You are in love and you just got engaged!   Time to start looking for a wedding venue for your special wedding day.  The clock is ticking and nowadays you know that you better book your venue first before you line up your other vendors.  Don't be in such a rush that you don't think out the pros and cons of the venue before you book.  Here is a list of 10 things you need to know before booking a venue.  Let me start with the topic of "Does it Fit Your Style?" There has been an explosion of venues over the