October 2022

Abigail George Photographyhttps://abigailgeorgephotography.zenfolio.com/ There is a unique beauty to winter weddings. Here on the farm, our season ends early December and doesn't pick back up until mid/late March mainly because so much of our features surround our land, gardens, and outdoor spaces. Yes, for those weddings that are early Spring - before the foliage begins to bloom, and again for our late fall/early winter weddings when the leaves and vibrant colors have disappeared, there is still an allure to these wedding photos for their artistry. Let me show you. Randi Vasquez Photography Without the foliage in the trees,, suddenly each

Joy and Everette Photography Having an arbor for your backdrop at your wedding ceremony is quite traditional. With modern-day weddings being very personalized, it gives each bride great freedom over what kind of arbor and how she prefers to embellish it. Stephanie Richer Photography The rustic wooden cross is common for the Christian community bride. It signifies that Christ is the center of their relationship. The cross can easily be displayed without any adornments but, it too, can be embelished with greenery garland, floral accents, and/or draping. Traditional shaped arbors are likely the most commonly used shape of alter. Each