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Joy and Everette Photography

Having an arbor for your backdrop at your wedding ceremony is quite traditional. With modern-day weddings being very personalized, it gives each bride great freedom over what kind of arbor and how she prefers to embellish it.

The rustic wooden cross is common for the Christian community bride. It signifies that Christ is the center of their relationship. The cross can easily be displayed without any adornments but, it too, can be embelished with greenery garland, floral accents, and/or draping.

Traditional shaped arbors are likely the most commonly used shape of alter. Each of these alter show the great variety of effect that an alter can have; more rustic, more embellished, or even the color.

These hexagon altars have become quite popular recently. Google would say the meaning implies “harmony and balance” but I think, in general, it is just a modern-day version of the cirlce which implies “no beginning, no ending” to the love relationship. Most brides would cerntainly encourage harmony and balance but it doesn’t seem to be the reason.

Sometimes though, it is more about the embellishments, than it is the arbor shape. Whether it is the floral creations, the dramatic draping, or the decor along the bottom, you can see in the below examples, that the effect can be amazing!

Each arbor has its own style and allows the bride to truly create a “Pinterest-worthy” backdrop for her wedidng ceremony. Which is your favorite and your style?


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