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There is a unique beauty to winter weddings. Here on the farm, our season ends early December and doesn’t pick back up until mid/late March mainly because so much of our features surround our land, gardens, and outdoor spaces. Yes, for those weddings that are early Spring – before the foliage begins to bloom, and again for our late fall/early winter weddings when the leaves and vibrant colors have disappeared, there is still an allure to these wedding photos for their artistry. Let me show you.

Without the foliage in the trees,, suddenly each shape of the limbs become part of the background vibe. Even in the photo above, the ceremony area in the grove is usually covered in a canopy of greens, but here, even the silhouette of Lookout Mountain shows in the back.

Rileann Events Photography

A winter wedding allows for the lingering colors in the grass, for example, to pop because of less competition. It also highlights the bride’s choices in her bouquet and even their attire. It becomes a focal point more so and contrasts to all of the neutrals around them. It all becomes a bit of artistry.

Notice how Suzannah and her bouquet becomes the main event for this photo (as it should). She lets the background show off the textures and mood of her late fall wedding and yet, nothing could be so colorful than her wedding.

Colorful dresses and bright intense colors for her bouquets, made for great choices. Let me show you more weddings.

Abigail George Photography

Smart photographers know where and how to create magic even in the winter time. This photo of Gabrielle let’s the green turf pop and even though the Milkhouse vine has not yet began to peep, the red door makes for great contrast to the bride and her bridal gown.

See how her bouquet, head crown, and even her tatoos all stand-out among the neutral background? I can’t imagine planning a photo-shoot for this where an actual colorful backdrop would’ve been better than this.

Abigail George Photography

Plus, a winter wedding will allow for all of the cute and colorful accessories from jackets to shawls to winter stoles to even kilts. Though our farm colors and blossoms are hard to pass up on, if the timing of your wedding needs to be late in the year or early Spring, don’t shy away from it – embrace it!

~ Margie

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