Our Animals

our infamous goats

goats at farm wedding

Our animals are a huge part of our lives. They always have been and likely will continue to be.  We have a small herd of cows, several horses, our Great Pyrenees dogs to protect our goats, chickens, a herding dog, cats, and of course, our infamous goats.

in a field full of goats

It is our goats and horses that get front row seating for our weddings by being stationed in the pasture beside the wedding barn.  It makes for great eye candy for incoming guests to enter the back of the barn area on their arrival and look beyond the well-manicured lawn to see the goats and horses in the field.

goats for outdoor wedding ceremony
baby goat at fence
bride and baby goat
goats pasture crackers

The goats lining up at the fence line is virtually free entertainment, but if you want something more engaging then we actually have an option called “Goat Visit.” 

bride holding a baby goat
bride kissing goat
farm wedding

Sometimes you just go for the gusto.  With a brave couple and a adventuresome photographer, one might capture a photo like this that even lands in a magazine like this one below.    (The Knot Magazine)

bride groom in goat field

a herd of horses

Let me not overlook our beautiful horses. 

And every now and then, you may even see one of our cats hunting in our garden.

cat garden foxy