draped tree
Mandy Rhoden Photography

Located in our grove, the ceremony area is always magical with its circle of trees, hanging cafe lights, and our large pecan tree as a backdrop.  Though it feels as though you have stepped into a woodland paradise with the canopy of the trees overhead and the ferns and hydrangeas on the sides, you are only  steps away from the barn. 

grove from the side

Soak in the natural beauty of the grove as the low sun peeps in through the layers of leaves.  What tranquility it encompasses.

in the grove
Kenney Photograhpy

Our mighty pecan tree towers over the outdoor ceremony area.  Having this tree as a backdrop for our outdoor ceremonies certainly feel symbolic of strength, vitality, and longevity plus it is just beautiful.

Honeyroot Photo and Film

Having your ceremony inside under our garden-inspired chandelier is always a beautiful option place for a ceremony if you prefer or need to have an indoor wedding.  No need for a tent alternative when you have this stage area inside.  Natural light comes in from three sides which gives you an outdoor atmosphere even if you can’t be outside.

indoor ceremony in dancehall
Hannah Martin Photography

For smaller weddings, ceremonies in the dancehall become an additional option. This room too allows for great outdoor lighting to stream inside.  This room too has our infamous mason-jar chandelier.  Having an additional option for your ceremony helps with any plan B concerns.