The Grounds

By the Greenhouse

The Grounds here at High Point Farms are one of our unique features that separates us from other venues.  Our commitment to our land and how we connect with it in various aspects is actually a large part of our appeal.

bride in the poppies

Not only do we have flower beds around every corner, but we have raised beds with veggies, herb garden, muscadine vines trellising, and heirloom bushes and flowers around each building on the property.

flower garden and birdhouse

Then there are our actual flower gardens.

We have a quaint greenhouse that helps jumpstart our seedlings in the spring, but once wedding season begins, we turn it into a photo prop.

bride groom in greenhouse

High Point Farms is located in the shadow of the highest point of Lookout Mountain.  Sunset photos here are a must!

And for those who are willing to trek a bit beyond the venue area, look at these backdrops.

And for the bolder ones, there is the creek.