The Farmhouse

This Pre-Civil War farmhouse sits humbly at the end of the gravel driveway. Her journey has been long and the appreciation of her simple architecture and her many birthdays has finally come full circle.  Her beauty and even her imperfections are contributing to making the most amazing photographs – more so than I could ever have imagined.

The main floor of the Farmhouse is the Bridal Suite. There is a large prepping area, kitchen, private bedroom, and bathrooms. Additional bedrooms are upstairs for those lodging.  The Farmhouse confirms that things indeed do last and can be cherished. What a good place to be and to be affirmed on wedding.

lodging options at the farmhouse

The Farmhouse has lodging options. These are included in our Premium Weekend Package and our Two-Day Add-On Package. Sometimes there are also lodging options for our other brides.

bride prepping

Upstairs has access for our lodging guests.  It has this private bedroom.  It has great lighting in this room so you see lots of great photos taken in this room.

bridal party at farmhouse

Lodging wise, there is a Master Suite and private restroom downstairs. There is a kitchen, small dining/prep area downstairs. Upstairs has one fully private bedroom plus two bedrooms that are semi-joined with  a private restroom.

farmhouse porch bridal gown

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