Our Venue

bride and groom near farmhouse
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Our farm has it all; a outdoor ceremony area comfortably situated under a canopy of trees and near to the barn, an indoor climate-controlled barn reception hall, prepping and lodging houses on site, and the beauty of the mountains surrounding us.  Our unique approach to your wedding day is personalized and nothing we do is cookie-cutter.  Let us help you make your wedding dreams come true at our special farm. 

in the garden by gate
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We are an official “Georgia Agri-Tourism” Farm with our flower gardens and baby goats.  With our captivating views, the pasture full of animals, our enchanting lit grove for your ceremony, and the quaint vintage farmhouse – The Barn at High Point Farms has set the mood for a very romantic wedding. 

wooden area for ceremony in forest
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The Barn at High Point Farms at Night
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treehouse spring summer
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The farm

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our animals

Farm History
Interested in learning more about the history of the farm and our family connection to it?