Our Venue

wedding venue mountain view
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Our venue is a multi-generational 70-acre family farm in the Chattanooga Valley community called “High Point” that is nestled in the foothills of Lookout Mountain in northwest Georgia just 20 minutes south of downtown Chattanooga, TN. The views are breath taking! In all directions, there are stunning backdrops for all of your wedding photos. 

Our facility has the outdoor ceremony area adjacent to the indoor barn reception hall with its bridal party prepping houses nearby as well.  Our unique approach to your wedding day is personalized and nothing we do is cookie-cutter.  Let us help you make your wedding dreams come true at our special farm. Our unique location allows us the serenity of rural life, the panoramic views that our region is infamous for, plus the convenience to a tourist-friendly town full of motel, restaurant, and entertaining options. Our venue is perfect for your wedding, come explore what we have to offer!

bride and groom in greenhouse
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We are an official “Georgia Agri-Tourism” Farm with our flower gardens and with our special goats.

The ambiance of the farm beckons back to a past era where life was simple, the land was part of your daily life, families were tight, and things were made to last. We have created a plantation wedding venue with a laid back atmosphere with that little touch of Southern charm. With our captivating views, the pasture full of animals, our enchanting lit grove, and the quaint vintage farmhouse …The Barn at High Point Farms has set the mood for a very romantic wedding. Come visit our grounds to experience it.

grove ceremony
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Situated under the canopy of trees with our majestic pecan tree at the helm, it feels as though you have walked into the woods for your ceremony.  Surrounded by nature, it provides a magical yet intimate setting for your wedding.

The Barn at High Point Farms at Night
Nathan M. Bivens Photography
walk in the garden
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Around every corner are beds of flowers, blooming vines, southern Magnolia trees, herbs and blueberry bushes – all of which adds to the atmosphere and makes some stunning photographs too.

treehouse spring summer
Ermina Steiner Photography
vintage farmhouse dress hangs
Holt Webb Photography

Check out this video from 7yellow.