Our Venue

The Barn at High Point Farms has all of the desired check-lists for a wedding venue; an outdoor ceremony area, an indoor climate-controlled reception area, a designated dancing space, two separate prepping houses, plus stables and chairs.  

bride and groom with blowing veil
Honeyroot Photo and Film

We are an official “Georgia Agri-Tourism” Farm with our flower gardens and baby goats.  We concentrate on our wedding events but we have many community events throughout the year like our  “Pic-N-Sip” events, Goat Yoga, Christmas wreath sales, plus we do a few corporate events and lodging rentals.  

ceremony aisle wooded forest
Honeyroot Photo and Film
dahlias and the bride
Caitlin DeLoachPhotography
The Barn at High Point Farms at Night
Nathan M. Bivens Photography
Kori Elizabeth Photography
vintage farmhouse dress hangs
Holt Webb Photography
treehouse spring summer
Ermina Steiner Photography
Farm History
Interested in learning more about the history of the farm and our family connection to it?