May Flowers Blooming

After a harsh winter and some late frosts, it is so awesome to see the bounty of flowers blooming around the farm.

All of these irises are at all around my mom’s house.  Her favorites were the whites that bloom twice a year.

That said – she was known for her amazing heritage double bloom pink poppies.  I can remember them when I was a youngster and her friends remember her always sharing those seeds with them throughout the years.

and…..we have a bunch of them that are almost ready to bloom – just waiting on Mother’s Day!

But we have branched out with more colors of poppies – the California varieties.

Aren’t these white and pink ones gorgeous?  Delicate yes – no wonder you can’t get these easily through wholesales – these would be a challenge to ship.

I even love the pods before the bloom arrives.  They look magical somehow.

This is only a sampling of what is blooming.  We have morphed into more of a flower farm….especially in our gardens.  So the bounty is everywhere – love it!  Come and enjoy.

~ Margie


From 2017 – A Variety of Sign-In Methods

It is always interesting to see various ways that our brides make their weddings unique.  Sometimes this is decorating, sometimes it is their unusual sign in choices, sometimes it their timeline approach, etc….so let me share a few of them.  This post will highlight the various ways brides choose to handle their Sign-In method.

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From 2017 – Interesting Ceremony Rituals

A wedding ceremony has a few essentials; a bride and groom, a preacher or officiant to conduct the ceremony, vows of some sort stating their promises, sharing of rings, a kiss to seal the deal, and a pronouncement of the new union.  Cut and dry – that is all that it has to be………and some actually want it as short and sweet as possible…..but some go to great lengths to make it more unique and more special.  Let me share some of the interesting ceremony “rituals” that we saw this year.

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Trends From 2017

Trends from 2017 that I saw are listed below.  It certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t buck the trend or go full steam ahead with a 2015 trend.  Your wedding should be you… very you.  That said…..this might be an interesting list to read.

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