How To Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Photo by Joy & Everette Photography

Weddings are full of emotions, traditions, family, and friends.  These are all intricately woven together in every aspect of a typical wedding day.  Such a special day can often come with a mix bag of emotions when deceased loved ones are not there to share the day with you.  Our couples often are pondering how to honor loved ones who have passed.

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Day of Coordinator – What You Need To Know

Photo by Eden Ingle Photography

Why do you need a Day of Coordinator?  As for High Point Farms, you are required to have one but let me give you plenty of other reasons to support this requirement and what all they are expected to do.

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What kind of Sign-In For Your Wedding?

Guest arrive, drop off their gift, then approach a sign-in table.  What sort of sign-in do you want to greet them or to record the names of your attending guests?  It could be as simple as a plain book for signatures.  But why not consider a slew of other more interesting choices?

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