Pinterest – Some Pros and Some Cons

Pinterest – who doesn’t love it?  The ideas and inspirations that we see from fellow viewers is really nothing short of amazing.  As related to your wedding day, it can have so many benefits as you try to envision each aspect of your wedding; the hair, the gown, the colors, the venue, the ceremony, reception tables, etc.

As wonderful as Pinterest is – face it – it has some pros and some cons as well.

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Farm Blog and Picture Posts

The Farm Blog will be the place to get great information, new ideas, and the “Best of the Best” sort of pictures.  We have a new blog contributor, Emily Phillips, who will be posting once a month – information from a brides perspective.  I will be also sharing tidbits and photos from our weddings that might give you ideas and suggestions that will help you in your planning process….like my next blog will be about Pinterest Pictures – coming soon.

Caressa Rogers Photography

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Wedding Advice – By Emily Phillips (HPF Bride from 2014)

I thought it might be interesting and helpful to have some posts submitted by my good friend Emily Phillips who herself was a bride here at the farm back in 2014.   Emily is not only a friend and a past HPF bride but she has extensive experience already in event planning.  She has agreed to submit a few articles on various subjects with a broad title of “How to Enjoy Your Wedding to the Fullest.”

First, a bit more about Emily.  She was a Covenant College student when I first met her at church.  Our friendship began as we invited her many times to come by the farm and hang out.  She always fit right in here on the farm whether that was sun-bathing with girlfriends down at the creek, riding horses, playing with the goats, or finding a hide-a-way spot working on her homework.  When she got engaged to Paul, it was no huge surprise that she wanted to get married here.  We were honored and thrilled to continue our commitment to her.

Paul was the man who stole her heart and when you see them together, it is quite evident of their love for each other.  Their wedding was the last one of 2014 in late fall and it was very unique and fun.

After their wedding, they traveled to many places outside the U.S. and they were both employed for awhile in Alaska where Emily where she began her event planning experience.  Hopefully some of her tidbits of advice will resonate with you and be helpful.


Having worked as an event planner, I had a hunch that hiring a coordinator for our wedding at The Barn at High Point Farms was important. We wanted a wedding that celebrated our families and friends just as much as it celebrated our marriage. That meant making the wedding day as stress-free for them as possible.

My brothers were fitted for new suits, my mother paid a fortune for a floor-length silk skirt, and Aunt Beatrice flew in from Alaska. I wanted them to not only look good, but to feel good all night. I wanted them to enjoy their party which is why hiring the Barn’s wedding coordinator was the best decisions we made before saying “I do.”

  1. Keeping To The Schedule
  • With scheduled vendors, hot food to serve, musicians to pay, a flight to catch, it is important to keep to your pre-planned schedule. Don’t want the food to get cold? Can’t afford to pay $500.00 extra for the photographer to capture the exit through the tunnel of sparklers because the party went an hour over? Hire the coordinator. It’s their job to keep everyone on time.
  1. Momma Can Party Too
  • I recently attended a wedding where the coordinator only organized the ceremony. The reception was run by the mother of the bride. She was everywhere and always checking in with the bride. Brides, DON’T DO THIS TO YOUR MOTHER – or your aunt, sister, etc. Her friends and family are there too. It’s perhaps the best party she will ever host so give her the freedom to sit, chat, and dance the night away. For her sake, hire the coordinator.
  1. It’s THEIR job, not yours
  • Groomsman #3 is missing? Uncle Jeffrey is drunk? Grandma is mad because she has to sit next to cousin Cynthia who just moved in with her girlfriend? Not your problem. In fact, you will probably never hear about it because you hired a coordinator who is well-equipped to handle those situations and doesn’t need to ask you what should be done. Moreover, an argument with the coordinator ends with the wedding whereas an argument with Grandma could boil through ‘till next Christmas.

Tempers, vendors, timelines, and stress levels, everything runs more smoothly with a professional coordinator. Don’t leave things to chance, leave it to the coordinator.

~ Emily Phillips

Kudos To Our “Brides of the Past”

The barn wedding venue has become the norm – the latest “craze” and is no longer the “outside the box” wedding option.  But it wasn’t that way and not so many years ago.  In fact, my daughter Jill, who got married here at the farm 14 years ago was certainly more of a trailblazer as she announced her wedding plans.  I am sure that she was not the first “farm wedding” but it was virtually unheard of.  The internet was around back then but you had to scrounge around to find any sort of picture.  The only pictures that we ever saw were where they used a small barn more as a backdrop or prop rather than a ceremony or reception area. Jill’s reasoning was to have her wedding in a way asto reflect her and her upbringing.  Anybody who knew Jill knew that she was a farm girl – a country girl who loved the land.  Beyond that, she envisioned ways to make the logistics work and I give her great credit for her “out of the box” ideas.

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Serving Beer and Wine?

There is often a debate about whether to serve beer and wine at your wedding.  Some think it isn’t a wedding without serving alcohol of some sort.  Some realize the expense and complication of it or are trying to be respectful to a family member or guests.  Here are a few things to consider while pondering this choice.

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