Joy and Everette Photo Creating a furniture layout for your wedding reception can be challenging.  No need to fret though, the professionals at High Point Farm can easily walk through suggestions to facilitate your needs and solve any seating challenges.  This blog wants to give you a head-start on layouts to ponder. Logistics There are several factors that will strongly effect your layout design. Let me identify those.Guest CountSweetheart Table Vs. Bridal Party TableTables Assignments or NotVision Over Functionality Guest Count You start with your guest count.  The larger the group, the fuller the barn will get.  You are trying to put as many people

Kori Elizabeth Photography Weddings are all about the bride and groom; their vision, their traditions, and their choices. If you are choosing not to elopement and actually have a wedding celebration, then weaving in ways to include your family and allow your guests to enjoy the event is equally as important to consider. Eden Ingle Photo This post wants to concentrate on some ideas just for Mom.  Dad's typically get their Father-Daughter dance and Dad's often get their "Dad's first look" as well as Dad's traditionally walk the bride down the aisle.  So, what about the moms? Traditionally - The mom's Some mom's are integral

T. Haley Media You are a bride who has chosen her wedding date and her venue.  More plans begin. One of the details to tackle will be to plan your Rehearsal Dinner Event. This blog will hopefully give you a few ideas to ponder so that you can consider some out of the box choices.  Most of our weddings here at The Barn at High Point Farms are weekend packages so this blog is geared to our own couples. Hunter LaShea Photography One of the better features of our weekend package is that typically the bride, groom, and bridal party lodges on-site,  This

Part II showcases five more photos on our top pictures of 2023  -"Best of 2023 - Magazine Worthy Photos."  Let the roll-out begin. First Photo for today by Weaver Media Many times a black and white photo has a disadvantage when compared to a color photo, while occasionally it trumps over color.  We never saw a color version of this shot for any side by side comparison, but the black and white version let the lighting effect showcase its assets.  The way the light comes through her dress and veil creates that wow factor and the overall romantic vibe just made this

Each year we celebrate the talent and artistry of our photographers who photograph here at High Point Farms for our brides.  We painstakingly go through each bridie's photo gallery to choose pictures that have some biti of exceptionalism that separates them from the rest.  Here in Part I of this series, I will identify them and add a bit of commentary.  There are a total of 12 photos.  The first 10 are rolled out in random order. First up by Y Studio Photography We are a bit partial to our baby goats so there is usually at least one "baby goat" photo