Wedding of Cassandra and Justin by Four Willow Photography

Wedding day………a day that you have planned – looked forward to – spent money and time and effort scripting….then it arrives.  You stand before the mirror and know that this day will impact the rest of your life.  Solemn thoughts – thinking about the day – and a huge smile of anticipation.




After the ceremony – after the family and bridal photos – this is the best time of the day – the best light of the day – for those romantic bride groom photos.  The tree tunnel always makes beautiful ones.

Just a few moments to sit together and take in all of the special moments of the day.  What better place that on the stage at your own sweetheart table with all of the lights above glowing?


Cake time is always a “will they be naughty or be nice” question….I think they were a bit both!

And there is always a happy ending at night’s end.  The happy couple married and very content after a long day of celebrating.

~ Margie


Family Wedding of Jon and Amy by Katelyn Rose Photography

We are always beyond honored and thrilled when family wants to come to the farm for their wedding.  The groom, Jon, is our nephew.  Beyond this being a family wedding, the day proceeds like most others; prepping, details, table decorating, and more.

The rains came and prevented her outdoor ceremony but undaunted by some showers, we circled up in the dancehall for a one-of-a-kind ceremony under the mason jar chandelier.

Jon looks on as he sees his bride headed towards the hall.

How awesome is it when your dad becomes the officiant!  I am positive that it was endearing for both Jon as well as his father, Tim, for this to be.

Sealed with a kiss.  Fortunately, the rain was here just for a bit and pictures were able to be captured afterwards.

This is David’s brother, Tim, and his extended family.

This new family blends three.

Oh, happy day….thanks for including us!                                         Margie

Cheery Spring Wedding of Ashley and Wes by Kenney Photography

Ashley and Wes are the type of couple that you know instantly how genuine and likeable they are.  I don’t know their history, their love story, where they went to college….but I saw them interacting with their family and friends, and even more so, how they interacted with each other…always with such kindness and sincerity.

Wedding days are to be glorious but they are busy, often hectic, with a timeline and a task list a mile long.  Photos, photos – stand here – look this a way – put your hand over her shoulder – another picture with more family – etc. etc. and under these conditions, your character is revealed.  I swear this couple had smiles on their faces all day.

In early spring, there is obviously less blooming on the farm.  Trees are budding out with foliage and the grass is a rich green color so picking brightly colored bridesmaids dresses is such a smart choice.  It adds this great pop of color which looks stunning beside her bridal gown.

Ashley’s bouquet was stunning – a work of art weaving an assortment of stunning roses with what looks like a few beloved peonies plus interesting infusion of textures all in a cascading effect that deserves a picture like this.

I love these buckshot boutonnieres!

The magic duo of Kenney Photography never fails to produce a stunning gallery of photos for their brides here at the farm.

The stage is a perfect place for a head table and with the embellished wagon wheel chandelier, the long curtains that frame the bride & groom, the row of farm tables, the layers of greenery  and flowers adorning the tables, the mismatch vintage chairs, and the little accents of blue – this all beckons for a bridal party to come complete the picture.

This is a great presentation of a beautiful cake.

And….if these were not enough….the Kenneys created some masterpieces below.

Ashley and her girls had fun primping and prepping in the farmhouse.  We decided upon forever seems quite appropriate.

Look at all of that delicious lace!……………..and turquoise!

This old windmill is from my husband’s grandfather’s farm from Cassopolis, Michigan – we are so honored to have it here on our farm – even if it isn’t in the air (yet).

What a good looking group of gents – don’t you agree?

and pretty maids in a row……

and look at this happy batch of kids (of the human kind as well as the goat/caprine kind)!

Even when the Kenney duo sneaks off into the back lot where the farm junk is stashed – these photos turn out so unique.

I think this couple has a bright future….they look so deliriously happy and oh so content just being together.  Their journey has begun.

Congratulations Ashley and Wes – thanks for being part of our farm history!

~ Margie

A Day Full of Smiles – Wedding of Mekensie and Alberto by Jenn Blackburn Photography

All weddings have happy pictures but my goodness, I think Mekensie wins some sort of award on having so many of her wedding photos showing her with a full smile.  I can only imagine that she is just this sort of person, but she certainly looked like she was having a grand old time all day long!

This was a late March wedding and the day was gorgeous, the air crisp, and the farm coming to life with green.

Mekensie and her girls headed for the farmhouse to begin their prepping.

Time for a first look.

A beautiful grove ceremony with a grand entrance – doors made special just for her.


Time for the festivities.

Mekensie couldn’t pass up a picture with this cute little newborn goat!

What’s not to love about this couple?

~ Margie

The Season Began – Wedding of Allie and Ian by Eden Photography

Our winter break seems to fly by, both because it is filled with holidays and with a long projects list.  As Spring peaks through from Winter, the anticipation of our first wedding builds.  We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our wedding season than with this beautiful couple, Allie and Ian.

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An Interesting Trend – Part III

Adding on a Two-Day options to your original wedding day package gives you lodging in the Mimi Guest House and the vintage Farmhouse for both the night before your wedding plus the night of your wedding.  It also gives you additional time at the venue.  So – the questions becomes – how to utilize the extra time.  In true form to the creativity of our brides, I am confident that there are many more ideas and ways to use this extra option that those that I will go over now with you….but let me give you a few.

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An Interesting Trend – Part II

In Part I of “An Interesting Trend,” I identified how so many weddings nowadays have guests coming in from all corners of the globe — not just within the States but even globally.  Many factors contribute to just this one issue:  1.  More college-bound students are choosing schools further away from home than ever before, 2. More couples are waiting longer to wed giving those college relationships more time to

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An Interesting Trend – Part I

Every year we see interesting trends that shape the various details of a wedding day.   For sure – when we first began our business in 2011 – barn weddings were not a trend and we were actually fairly cutting edge.  But with each passing year, we have seen the barn craze skyrocket.  Hopefully we have found our

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Nothing Like a Great Band to Set the Tempo

With wedding season well into gear already, we have had two great bands perform here at the farm that are new to us but will be included in the Vendor Suggestion Page.  There is nothing like a great band to set the tempo for the party “after” the celebration.

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Best of 2016 – Magazine Worthy Photos Roll-Out

Finally here, we are ready to showcase our top 20 picks from 2016 that we feel are “Magazine Worthy.”  These are just stand out photos that have some uniqueness to them that make them have a wow factor…..where I could easily see these in a bridal magazine.

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