The Wedding of Madi and Kevin

Meet Madi and Kevin.  One quick first look and you can just tell that they are over the top in love with each other.

Madi wanted a very intimate and personable wedding day experience full of only her closest family and friends….oops, and her dog.

Guests would be coming in from all of the states and she wanted to make it an awesome experience for her guests as well as have the wedding of her dreams.

Ceremony in the grove with a simple arbor though embellished with flowing material and flowers on top with vintage blue mason jars filled with farm fresh flower bouquets down the aisle.  Picture perfect!

No early reveal before the ceremony on this wedding but a sharing of notes and a gentle touch of the hands.

Still plenty of time to embrace the beautiful backdrops of the farm – the simplicity of the old farmhouse, brick pathway, rose covered arbor, and a stunning bridal gown.

Of course the baby goats came up to visit.  Now….what is not to love about this face?

Once the ceremony was sealed with a kiss – then off they went taking some of those romantic photos around the farm.  I love them all… here is a few of my favorites.

Even the goats came over to watch the photographic session.  They are all hams!…and photo hogs, given the chance.

They selected one of our very best caterers to treat their guests with a delightful display of food.

Enjoyed an evening of dancing, hanging out by the bonfire, and even smores.

She ordered some of our High Point Farms goat soap as favors for her guests …in a variety of aromas….oh the wonderful smells from the favors table.

And of course a beautiful sparkler send off for their exit.

Their journey ahead will be filled with all sorts of unknowns but with such a powerful friendship and love and a wealth of supportive family and friends….I am confident that this bride and groom will thrive and enjoy the journey.

And….if these photos didn’t show you enough – enjoy the accompanying video.         ~ Margie


Photos and Video by In Orbit Productions.







Our Mason Jar Chandelier

I knew I wanted to use the mason jars in this chandelier and to also infuse some of my vintage blue mason jars too.  I am always looking ways to very lightly insert some of that more feminine color of the turquoise here at there around the venue just to offset some of the more rustic features of the barn.  With Jill’s collaborative input with the logistics – it all came together – even the part of stuffing excess roping into the jars for effect.

In fact – some of those blue vintage jars came from the dirt cellar of the old farmhouse when my parents purchased the farm. I am always trying to tie in the some of our family heirlooms into decor features here. I even finished off the glass collage by using one of my treasure finds – an old pickle jar!  Part of its simple approach is that the lights can play off of each other so you don’t need bulbs in all jars – and let jars do what they can do to multiply the lighting effect.  The Edison light bulbs also contribute greatly to the look.

Photographers have some very creative ways to photo it….and we love seeing each new one.

It certain does dress up the room too.  The string lights create a magical effect too which adds to the whole look of it.

It ends up being a perfect addition to this very rustic room and just woos you to the dance floor….no matter what age you are.

And look at the interesting lighting effect that you see in the windows.

I hope you enjoyed this montage’ of photos on our chandelier as you learned a little story about its beginning.  Here is a screen shot of the In Orbit Productions website just for a FYI. 

~ Margie

The Wedding of Amanda and Jonathan by Shine Photos

Military weddings are just extra special to us and the wedding of Amanda and Jonathan fit the bill.  Brides always have the anticipation of a wedding day but the long distant separation from your fiance obviously adds a bit of angst to all of the planning – but it also likely adds a heighten excitement as well.

Amanda (and her mom) made sure that as many of the details of this wedding were taken care of without too much of their oversight so that Amanda could concentrate on making all of her final preparations to move away from Chattanooga to start her new life with her new husband – on a military sight far from home.

She found one of our preferred photographers, Ken Peggram with Shine Photographs, who had also been the photographer of one of her friend’s wedding (here at the farm).  As you see – he does awesome work so that was an easy fit.

Her bridal gown was stunning with all of that vintage style lace, the design, and don’t you just love all of that intricate work down the back?

She wanted a very simple elegance to the wedding decor with accents in pink, specifically antique rose plus that burgandy wine color that has been so popular this year and lace, of course.

Fortunate shined on her with a beautiful day at the farm – lots of sun and pleasant weather.

The full farm was in bloom.

Amanda and her bridesmaids couldn’t help but make gorgeous photos – no matter where they went.

Guest viewed photos of the engaged couple on our distressed door and they left “messages in a bottle” for the newlyweds to read later – oooooh, wonder what messages people left?

Look at the doting father (and maybe he has some angst of his own) walking her down the aisle.

Look at the happy couple now married coming back down the aisle – no anxiousness here!

Cool dudes.

Awesome parents – so easy to work with.

All were happy to see delicious cake and an assortment of donuts – and even a special pie for the groom.

Time for a few romantic shots.

A first dance

And then he carried her off into the sunset for a “Happily Ever After” send off.

The End                                                                                                            ~ Margie


The Wedding of Michelle and Bryan – by Shane Hawkins Photography

Michelle is one of those brides that planned this day with great detail….but detail of a different slant actually.  Oh yes, she made many of those same typical decisions; chose wisely on her vendors, figured out what food to have, made a thought-out timeline, etc….but she purposely made plans to have an enjoyable day with her friends, her husband, and her guests.

I often tell brides to plan this day so it is just so “them”…..with food they truly enjoy, with time to do those things that they long to do (whether chilling by the bonfire or lots of time in the dancehall), and invite those most precious people that you want to spend this day with not just anybody and everybody that you know.  Make this day so much fun – so “you” – that you would want to do it again next year.  Michelle is one of those brides that I think would actually qualify.

She found a dress that would be cool and comfortable in the August temperatures but one that would flow and swirl and make magical photos…..She did indeed!

She planned the day to have lots of time – connect time – with her bridesmaids.  Don’t you just love that light mint color?

She planned for a ceremony in the grove under the canopy of the trees where their foliage would keep everybody cool and comfortable…and oh so beautiful too.   It was!

She ordered stunning bouquets from one of our recommended florist, Mayflowers, to give the “summer garden effect”….and they do.

She ordered flowers from High Point Farms for her tables to continue the garden thing – and they do!

She wanted to take some photographs “within” our flower garden – and she did.

and….keeping with her flower garden theme it was only fittin’ to sneak away into the greenhouse for some romantic shots – and wow….it is!

And…..she was determined to find a location somewhere on the farm that would make such an incredible photo that I would tempted to post it on my website – and I am pretty sure that this one will qualify.


and she wanted to find all sorts of places to have those intimate romantic shots….and she found those too.

and she wanted to have her first dance on the stage in the arms of her new husband and feel as though it was just him and her there alone together…..and they did.

and to party till the last minute with a barn full of her very best friends and family……and that too, she did.


So……..who wants to come back again next year?                                                                ~ Margie

Summer Wedding of Allie and Alex by Soli Photography

Allie was not unlike many of our previous brides where their life was very busy and hectic and yet they wanted to squeeze in time for a magical wedding. Weddings just require time and lots of decisions, but fortunately,  Allie had a good mentor and friend, Meghan, who is a professional photographer with years of working the wedding scene.  When Allie had shared the good news of her engagement with Meghan, beyond the congratulations, an insistent Meghan assured her that she would happily handle Allie’s photography then proceeded to give her a line up of various vendors  that would be helpful picks for Allie.  We were honored to have been on top of the venue choice!  All of these suggestions and advice was a God-send to Allie who had much on her plate and no real appetite to gruel over too many decisions and details.

Allie had actually been the babysitter for Meghan’s daughter for many years and many of those assignments had been while Meghan was shooting photography at various weddings.  Not only did the relationship grow between Allie and Meghan but also a close knit bond between Meghan’s daughter and Allie which made an easy choice to include her in her bridal party.

In fact, I was so sure that this little “Junior Bridesmaid” was dreaming of the day that she would get to the bride.

I was asked to handle her decorating and with a few exchanges of pinterest photos and emails, I was able to garner a good idea of what Allie was hoping for in regards to details and decor.  Allie was happy to hand over the reigns with very little check-ins.  Half of my brides that I decorate for are just like Allie….they want to give that broad picture but feel quite relieved not to have to make decision after decision.  Allie wanted beauty and simplicity all packaged with subtle accents of lavender.

I always try to find ways to personalize the decor….and also to find interesting ways to infuse her theme or her color.  In Allie’s circumstances, when I found out that her dad use to be a postman….and in fact….he used to be a postman for our part of the valley (wow – what a coincidence!), so for the gift/card area….I used my mailbox for her cards…..just to fit her to a tee….and added more bits of purple to the table.  Allie brought her scrabble tiles as part of her sign in – a very cute idea, I thought.

Allie certainly looked like a princess on her wedding day and though she initially seemed to feel unsure about it – by late afternoon, she looked so much more comfortable in this new role.

The picture above is one of my favorites…it just seems to show off both Allie’s and Alex’s personality.

This photo shows how comfortable they are with each other – great friends….perfect recipe for a marriage.

The day was a beautiful summer day and Allie’s photographer, Meghan with Soli Photographer did an amazing job capturing the day.

What an adorable little flower girl.

They were on top of the hill…..literally and figuratively.  May it always be that way.


~ Margie

Goat Mania – Thin the Herd (Part II)

Each year we get through our busy wedding season before we broach the subject of “thinning out our goat herd.”  No way around it, this is always a difficult emotional time as we pick and choose who to keep and then who to sell.

Our sweet little goat babies are handled from day one especially by our very own “goat whisperer,” my granddaughter Emma Lou.  She is not quite ready to handle the birthing of the goats, but within a few minutes of them getting dried off and standing – she has them in her arms carrying them around like baby dolls.


And…with all of my grandchildren around – each baby goat gets a name….and always a unique one like Arielle, Spirit, and such….though we often go with themes like flowers; Sweet Pea or Petunia…..or Disney characters….or rhyming names.  I guess you get the idea.  Our goats quickly become our pets….our own little babies.

Nothing is more lovable than a sweet young goat to hold.  Since our babies have been held from day one – they are relaxed and laid back in your arms…no squealing or squirming.

We have quite a unique variety of goats and colors.  I just love the colors that we have been getting this year.  These little twins were so adorable with their silvered ears.

This little tricolored one looks like a mustang so its name is Spirit (from a kids’ movie).


Most of our goats have the long floppy ears – we I always say look more like bunny ears.  It is an irresistible urge to touch those long dangling ears.

But some of them have ears that go straight outward on each side.

So how do we part with them?…By finding good homes for them.  We are always looking for pet homes or “small hobby farm” homes where people are wanting a breeding pair.  Many of you expressed interest in our goats and now is the time to give us a call and inquire.

I am sure that you will have a challenging time as well in choosing but knowing that they came from such a beloved farm with lots of care will make the choices easier…..then you can enjoy your own goats or start your own goat herd.  Which one do you want?

~ Margie

Goat Mania – Time To Spread The Love and Thin The Herd (Part I)

Does everybody know that High Point Farms has goats?….Maybe best to ask “Who doesn’t already know that High Point Farms has goats?”

It certainly isn’t our brides.            (Bride Makensie by Jenn Blackburn Photography)

It surely isn’t the groom either.    (Groom – Shot….by Innamorata Photography)

I am positive that it isn’t even the bridesmaids.                                  (R Chavez Photography)

Pretty sure that all of our flower girls know we have goats.

And I even feel confident that all of the wedding guests also know that we have goats.

In fact, pretty much any visitor to the farm knows we have goats.  It is just part of the farm experience to come and enjoy our goats.  My grandchildren are always carrying around a goat or feeding a goat.

Our goats are more like puppies dogs of sorts.  I can shout out a good ole’ “holler” and they will come a-running from all corners of the pasture.  They love people and just assume that guests are going to feed them a cracker or take their picture.  They have become our mascots of sorts.

And if crackers are not available…..a beautiful brides’ bouquet will do just fine.

Many of our brides make a point of asking us if they can take a “goat picture” after the ceremony.  We threw out the “Wedding Day Guide by Martha Stewart” manual a long time ago and I am sure that having a goat picture is indeed an unusual phenomenon but we are just unique in that way.



(Rachel and Brad – Erin Morrison Photography)

One of our favorite all time photos is this one (a BIG shout out to our bride, Sarah/2013 by Everything Lovely Photography)

and we have this on a canvas in our barn lounge and we get so many enthusiastic comments from it.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind photo….and may I dare to say “ground-breaking” in its day….but many of our current brides love the idea of having their own “goat kiss” photo.     (Jessie by Krista Hargrove Photography)

(Bride Jen with photographer, Nathan Baerreis Photography)

Some grooms are all about being in this goat picture as well….it isn’t just a bride-thing!   (Daniele and Amit by R. Chavez Photo)

(Abbey and her new husband, Sam…a goat whisperer in his own right by Daisy Moffatt Photography)

(Klifford – Nathan M. Bivens Photography)

We often joke to the bride and groom (just about the time that the photographer is snapping the photo) that “This is your ‘first kid’ picture – LOL!”           (Meredith and Cody by Mile Marker Images)

And I will admit that sometimes……we will have a groom who just doesn’t get it……who tolerates the photo but you can just tell he doesn’t understand the goat-mania….but kudos to them for being so willing to indulge their new bride!    (Stephanie and Casey by Bri Sanders Photography)

And we do have a few grooms’ who are pure jokesters with the whole “goat thing.”

And often the groom just needs to have a little heart to heart talk with the goats….to offset that twinge of jealousy that he has to stave off when his new bride is caught swooning over the goats!

(Amit – R. Chavez Photography)


And then there is that one in a hundred bride………..matched up with that talented photographer that is able to turn the whole goat-love mania into a pure work of art… this one (Kudos to 2016 bride Jo with her photographer J. Blanche Photography).

This was one of my favorite photos of 2016.  It is one of those amazing photos that shows this beautiful bride in this amazingly girly bridal gown virtually sitting in the long grasses on our tree tunnel cuddling this adorable young goat and it just is stunning.

Some of our brides want their goat picture but seem to know that it is one of those ‘outside the box’ photos that they have asked their photographer to take.

And some seem to pull off the photo as perfectly natural….embracing the farm-esque feel of High Point Farms which marries the whole elegance of a wedding with the rustic nature of the barn and farm…i.e. rustic chic.

(Bride Madeline photo by Viktoriya Evich Krudu Photography)

And granted – some are tickled best when the goats are not in their arms….but beside them.  (Imago Photography with Beth and John)

and some who just love them as purely backdrop….and that is okay….because they are beautiful backdrop.

(Dan and Crystal with John Shim Photography)

and of course…..we do have brides who aren’t so much into our goats and love us for all of the other hundred reasons – and that is okay too.


Then once again……..we have a unique (and beautiful) bride that comes along with an adventuresome spirit and has a talented and a “anything for the great shot” spirited photographer who want to venture into the fields to be “within the field of goats”….no lack of guts here by the bride…. but oh……..the results are amazing.  (Kudos to Amy and Matt with Kelly Berry Photography)

So you can easily see why our goats are almost woven into the fabric of our farm.  Our goats that are not milked for cheese or soap production (nor eaten….oh shun the mere thought of that) but are elevated to the title of “Property Managers” and “Guest Entertainment Committee” and such.

And in the hopes that you will be interested in part II – The Rest of the Story as the once famed Paul Harvey use to say on the radio……stay tuned to read Part II about thinning down our herd.

~ Margie


Wedding of Cassandra and Justin by Four Willow Photography

Wedding day………a day that you have planned – looked forward to – spent money and time and effort scripting….then it arrives.  You stand before the mirror and know that this day will impact the rest of your life.  Solemn thoughts – thinking about the day – and a huge smile of anticipation.



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Family Wedding of Jon and Amy by Katelyn Rose Photography

We are always beyond honored and thrilled when family wants to come to the farm for their wedding.  The groom, Jon, is our nephew.  Beyond this being a family wedding, the day proceeds like most others; prepping, details, table decorating, and more.

The rains came and prevented her outdoor ceremony but undaunted by some showers, we circled up in the dancehall for a one-of-a-kind ceremony under the mason jar chandelier.

Jon looks on as he sees his bride headed towards the hall.

How awesome is it when your dad becomes the officiant!  I am positive that it was endearing for both Jon as well as his father, Tim, for this to be.

Sealed with a kiss.  Fortunately, the rain was here just for a bit and pictures were able to be captured afterwards.

This is David’s brother, Tim, and his extended family.

This new family blends three.

Oh, happy day….thanks for including us!                                         Margie

Cheery Spring Wedding of Ashley and Wes by Kenney Photography

Ashley and Wes are the type of couple that you know instantly how genuine and likeable they are.  I don’t know their history, their love story, where they went to college….but I saw them interacting with their family and friends, and even more so, how they interacted with each other…always with such kindness and sincerity.

Wedding days are to be glorious but they are busy, often hectic, with a timeline and a task list a mile long.  Photos, photos – stand here – look this a way – put your hand over her shoulder – another picture with more family – etc. etc. and under these conditions, your character is revealed.  I swear this couple had smiles on their faces all day.

In early spring, there is obviously less blooming on the farm.  Trees are budding out with foliage and the grass is a rich green color so picking brightly colored bridesmaids dresses is such a smart choice.  It adds this great pop of color which looks stunning beside her bridal gown.

Ashley’s bouquet was stunning – a work of art weaving an assortment of stunning roses with what looks like a few beloved peonies plus interesting infusion of textures all in a cascading effect that deserves a picture like this.

I love these buckshot boutonnieres!

The magic duo of Kenney Photography never fails to produce a stunning gallery of photos for their brides here at the farm.

The stage is a perfect place for a head table and with the embellished wagon wheel chandelier, the long curtains that frame the bride & groom, the row of farm tables, the layers of greenery  and flowers adorning the tables, the mismatch vintage chairs, and the little accents of blue – this all beckons for a bridal party to come complete the picture.

This is a great presentation of a beautiful cake.

And….if these were not enough….the Kenneys created some masterpieces below.

Ashley and her girls had fun primping and prepping in the farmhouse.  We decided upon forever seems quite appropriate.

Look at all of that delicious lace!……………..and turquoise!

This old windmill is from my husband’s grandfather’s farm from Cassopolis, Michigan – we are so honored to have it here on our farm – even if it isn’t in the air (yet).

What a good looking group of gents – don’t you agree?

and pretty maids in a row……

and look at this happy batch of kids (of the human kind as well as the goat/caprine kind)!

Even when the Kenney duo sneaks off into the back lot where the farm junk is stashed – these photos turn out so unique.

I think this couple has a bright future….they look so deliriously happy and oh so content just being together.  Their journey has begun.

Congratulations Ashley and Wes – thanks for being part of our farm history!

~ Margie

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