Andria Powers Photography When a couple begins to create their invite guest list, one of those early decisions will be whether they will allow kids or not. This blog is not designed to give you an answer, but to give you information to ponder as you decide. Honeyroot Photo There are many pros and cons to this decision. Let me take the approach of categories versus labeling it as pros and cons. This way, I can deal with both the logistics as well as the pros and cons all within the topic. COST: Children do add "count" to your final

Part of the wedding day experience is hanging out with your bridesmaids primping, prepping, and experiencing this special day with your life long friends. Today I wanted to share an idea with you for a bridesmaids activity to consider. Nashville Wedding Collection Some brides make arrangements to have all of the decorating details handled by someone else so the bride and her bridesmaids can totally enjoy the day without the chore of the decorating. Some brides purchase bouquets too. But, you may want to consider this alternative to purchased bouquets. Instead of purchasing bouquets, consider making your own bouquets.

A Creative Pear Photography A typical wedding is full of traditions and doing a first dance by the newlyweds is certainly one of them. This blog will address whether or not to incorporate it into your wedding timeline or not, as well as, giving you a few ideas on when and how. Guests come to a wedding knowing that there will be vows and kissing, but they seem to truly enjoy watching the bride and groom both embrace into a romantic kiss as well as embrace into a romantic dance. It affirms all of the reasons for the wedding in

If there is a wedding ceremony, there will be someone overseeing that ceremony whether it is your preacher, an officiant, or a friend. This blog will give you some food for thought as you ponder which one is best for you. Obviously if you are involved in a church and you have a relationship with your pastor, considering them is a given. Having a preacher that knows you and often has even performed some sort of counseling is a huge plus and this is very traditional and highly recommended. That said, sometimes trying to schedule your pastor can

Todays post, I want to salute the flowers of High Point Farms. Everywhere you look and in every corner of our venue, you will see the evidences of many years of growing and loving flowers. There is likely not a single wedding gallery that is produced that doesn't highlight and convey to the viewer that High Point Farms is all about the flowers. All of these flowers both in our gardens and around each of the buildings and all over the venue do make for some amazing backdrops for our brides. Even our gardens are a multiplier in