Magazine Worthy Photos – Top 3 from 2019 Weddings

We are finally here to tout our best of the best from our 2019 weddings that we refer to as “Magazine Worthy Photos.”  We have been showcasing the best photos from 2019 and have already revealed 21 of them….all in random order but truly all awesome photos.  I can’t begin to tell you difficult it was to identify our top 24 photos but strangely it was easy to identify our top three!  Jill and I both mull our candidates and agree on these.  These final three are in order.  They are what we feel are the Best of the Best!  I hope you will agree!

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Magazine Worthy Photos – Our Best of 2019

Each year, with a new slate of brides, comes an array of photographers to capture their special wedding day.  We are always tickled pink when these photos are shared with us to view, to use, and to share on social media.  During the year, we share some of these photos on our Facebook and Instagram.  At the end of the wedding season, we happily gaze through these photos and enjoy walking down memory lane from all of our special wedding from the previous year.  Then we painstakingly comb through all of these photos again and again to select our favorites.  We tout this list of “24” photos as “Magazine Worthy Photos” because there is something extra special about these; unique enough that we could easily imagine them displayed in a magazine ad.  All of our weddings are special but this list is our way to salute the exceptional talent and artistry of so many of our talented photographers.

These top 3 are in order of winner, second place, then third place.  The remaining 21 photos are all in random order but were selected from 100’s of wedding photos from this year and all were special enough to be included in our Best of 2019 – Magazine Wedding Photos list.

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Winter Projects – #1

Every year we do some winter projects. This year is no exception.  First up is our infamous “Man Cave.”  No longer do our groom and groomsmen hang out in the Man Cave.  As charming somehow as it was, we felt it was time for an upgrade.

Only steps away from the Man Cave is the Mimi Guest House.  It is a multi-purpose house with lots of options on how to use it.  We are giving the Great Room of the Guest House for the guys from 1:30 until the ceremony time.

With kitchen access, it means that the guys can have their own snacks and drinks.  The open concept allows plenty of room for all of your groomsmen with space to spare.  It has a large TV and internet.  The back porch is also a great hang out space to see the “goings on” but from a distance.

Though we still provide options for the house to be rented in full for “Day of Usage” or for lodging options too – having this space for the guys to prep and hang out before the ceremony should put a smile on their faces and for sure, give them a bit more wiggle room than our retiring “Man Cave.”


Stay tuned to Facebook and our blog for more project updates.  We are busy bees working to make improvements.

~ Margie


Advice From Past Brides To Future Brides

Photo by Kenney Photo

I always try to follow up with our past brides each year to request photos, to follow up on whether they liked their vendors, and then also to ask a series of questions so that we can assess any needed improvements and such.  One question that I also ask is, “If you had a do-over, is there anything that you would do differently?”  Basically I am looking for any tidbits of advice that our past brides can pass along to our new crop of brides.  We are in a business where we are dealing with “bride novices” and to plan a wedding has many details.  Hopefully some of these comments can be helpful.

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Fall Open House For Past & Future Brides


With a last minute cancellation of a precious Fall Saturday, we have decided to turn lemons into lemonade by hosting a Fall Open House for not only potential future brides but hopefully to also entice some of our past brides to come by for a visit to the farm.

If you are a potential future bride, then be sure and come so you can see the venue at the perfect time of day. Fall days are beautiful and the cafe lights turn the farm magical towards evening.

We will be giving tours every hour.  We have initiated a Spring Sale (limited time only) for any available March or April 2020 wedding offering huge savings for two months. If your desired date is beyond March and April, we are offering a “free night at the treehouse” for any bride that actually books while here that day.

We will have a few door prizes for gift certificates towards wedding day extras like a free bonfire.

We also will have prizes for a night in the treehouse (available for any visiting guest).

We will have a couple of our infamous High Point Farms T-shirts as door prizes and some will be available to purchase.

We are coming to our 10 year anniversary come early 2020.  We wanted to take this opportunity to invite any and all of our past brides to come to the farm to visit us again.  Come celebrate your ties to the farm and see all of the changes that have evolved throughout the years.  Check out the greenhouse.

See all of our changes to the farmhouse.

We are now an official flower farm (and goats too of course) so browse our gardens too.

Bring a wedding photo so we can celebrate “the way we were” with you.  We thank you for sharing your life with us and we look forward to greeting you again.  Even better, bring a friend who is a new bride with you to tour.

We promise to bring up one of our baby goats for a visit.  No goat yoga this time, just some goat snuggles and a few selfies!

We may have a few vendors here.  If you are a vendor who wants to come greet guests, contact us about the possibility.  We want this event low key and casual but meeting a couple of vendors might be beneficial.

Give us a shout out to let us know you are coming so we can provide a bit of nibble snacks and drinks.  See you soon!

Margie, Jill, and David