OH WOW – What a Wedding Gallery – Rachel and Jarrod (Photo Credit to Eden Ingle Photo)

I admit, this is one of the best galleries as a whole collection, that I have seen.  When the bride, Rachel, sent me the full gallery link to look at, she warned me that there were over 4000 pictures to go through.  She was correct….but more is certainly better than less.  I found it very very challenging to pick a few….and luckily Eden of Eden Ingle Photo was generous to let me pick what I wanted…..so let me show you some of my favorites here.

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Autumn and Ryan (Teacher/Policeman) – Photos by Macy O’Connell Photography

I remember meeting Autumn and Ryan a year ago when they toured. Why I remember is because it came up in conversation that she was a teacher and he was a policeman in the Atlanta area.  Turns out Ryan knows my nephew who is also a policeman in the Atlanta area.  Even stranger, my nephew’s wife is a teacher.  What a small world!

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A Gallery of Bridal Gowns

(Bride is Sarah and photo by Beasley Photography)


It just seems like no matter what bride, which bridal gown, what age, and even what body shape – when I first see our brides step out of the Farmhouse in their wedding gown it takes my breath away.  Part of it is just knowing how special of a day this is for her, part of it is knowing that so many of her dreams are coming true on this day, and some of it is just knowing that this woman feels beautiful today – and she is!  I would have a difficult time picking my favorite bridal gown……so let must showcase a gallery of a few of my favorites.

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