Kudos To Our “Brides of the Past”

The barn wedding venue has become the norm – the latest “craze” and is no longer the “outside the box” wedding option.  But it wasn’t that way and not so many years ago.  In fact, my daughter Jill, who got married here at the farm 14 years ago was certainly more of a trailblazer as she announced her wedding plans.  I am sure that she was not the first “farm wedding” but it was virtually unheard of.  The internet was around back then but you had to scrounge around to find any sort of picture.  The only pictures that we ever saw were where they used a small barn more as a backdrop or prop rather than a ceremony or reception area. Jill’s reasoning was to have her wedding in a way asto reflect her and her upbringing.  Anybody who knew Jill knew that she was a farm girl – a country girl who loved the land.  Beyond that, she envisioned ways to make the logistics work and I give her great credit for her “out of the box” ideas.

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Serving Beer and Wine?

There is often a debate about whether to serve beer and wine at your wedding.  Some think it isn’t a wedding without serving alcohol of some sort.  Some realize the expense and complication of it or are trying to be respectful to a family member or guests.  Here are a few things to consider while pondering this choice.

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May Flowers Blooming

After a harsh winter and some late frosts, it is so awesome to see the bounty of flowers blooming around the farm.

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From 2017 – A Variety of Sign-In Methods

It is always interesting to see various ways that our brides make their weddings unique.  Sometimes this is decorating, sometimes it is their unusual sign in choices, sometimes it their timeline approach, etc….so let me share a few of them.  This post will highlight the various ways brides choose to handle their Sign-In method.

In the good ole days – the only choice for a sign-in was a plain-Jane book to list guests name and their address.  It is always exciting to see the fresh and unique ideas that come to our current weddings.

We saw signing of your name on a wooden heart that was then dropped into a glassed frame.  Also a sign in of a family Bible where guests highlight their favorite Bible verse and sign their names in the margins.

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