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Wedding day is a long awaited day that you have dreamed about often for years.  Many plans have been made that all come together on this one special day.  This blog will give you ideas on what items you may need to bring just for your wedding day prepping needs – preceremony.  

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wedding day essentials

I feel confident that every bride will remember to bring her wedding gown and shoes.  But here are a few items “dress” related to consider as well.

  1. A photo worthy dress hanger for your bridal gown.
  2. Sewing repair kit, fabric tape, and a variety of sizes of safety pins.
  3. Tried and True Deoderant.
  4. Bandaids
  5. Feminine Protection Products
prepping on back porch

Beyond Make-UP

Listing all of your make-up needs is beyond my expertise and fluctuations between each bride.  Here are a few added items just to compliment the initial list. 

  1. Finger nail polish and remover.
  2. Cottonballs
  3. Mascara removal product
  4. Mouthwash
  5. Bobby pins
Bride and Bridesmaids

Nutrition related

Friends always warn the bride and groom to make sure and “eat on wedding day.”  Unfortunately, this is a common problem.  The day runs by so quickly that proper nutrition or even sufficient nutrition is overlooked.  Whether you decide to include Mimosas or not, it is smart to plan for some quality nibble food and drinks during your many prepping hours. 

  1. Water bottles; whether you bring sodas or cocktails, you want to emphasize hydrating of yourself as well as your bridal party.
  2. A variety of “easy on the stomach” snacks; avoid messy, garlic,  or greasy choices. Great choices are mini-deli sandwiches, fruit and veggie trays, and chips.
  3. Coffee
  4. Disposables; cups, forks, napkins, plates.
  5. Tums or Pepto Bismal
overnight lodging for bridal party

clean up

Clean up is not the glamorous side of wedding day prepping but a necesssity.  There are actuall two different clean up times. First is when the bride is ready to get into her bridal gown and the photographer is coming for photos.  If someone could be in charge to tidy up her prepping area so that the photographer isn’t worried about having to stage this photo op in a trashed room.  Often the photographers take valuable to clean up such trash because they know how it will taint his photos.  

bride looking in mirror

There is much hurry and flurry as everyone is ready and exits the prepping area.  The wedding and wedding timeline will run by very quickly for you and your bridal party.  It is smart to delegate someone to pack up/clean up the prepping area so not to take away precious celebration time later.  This can often be someone outside of the bridal party who has offered to help – delegate, delegate, so you can enjoy your day.

~ Margie

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