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One of the wedding day decisions that all brides must make is choosing their bridal bouquet. The bridal bouquet is a focal point and so a bit of thought needs to go into choosing the right one.

Five Main Considerations


First consideration in picking your perfect birdal bouquet is your style.  Typically, a bride chooses her bridal gown before picking her bouquet.  Is your bridal gown boho or extravant or simple?  You want a cohesive style for both of these choices.  

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Picking the size of your bouquet is part reality and part personal preference.  The reality side is your size.  If you are very petite then consider a petite bouquet or a medium.  If you are a plus size bride or very curvacious, avoid a petite bouquet.  A bridal bouquet should balance you; not dwarf you nor should you dwarf it. 

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Wedding Colors

You will typically have not only a “wedding color” but actually a color palette.  A color palette will have the dominant color you prefer but complimentary colors too.  Pinterest is a great place to easily find a color strip of the various hues that you want to blend. Even if your color is a soft pink, your complimentary colors to include may also be blush, white, sage, and taupe.  Having a 5 point color palette will help your florist in their design and execution of your perfect bridal bouquet.  

Your Personal Preferences

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That said, we have some brides who will want either a very neutral (typically white) bouquet or who want a full-monty mix of vibrant colors.  This has more to do with your personal touch and preference.  Never feel locked into a box for todays bride has choices galore.  Be yourself and embrace your preferences

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Another aspect of the “personal preference” is a blend of your unique style.  Some of this may be infusing rosemary or succulents or a “flower that you loved when you were a child,” etc.  The best weddings tell your story and infusing little stories here and there are always memorable. If there is something unique about you that can be infused – even in your bouquet, then go for it.

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seasonal Flowers

It is always a good idea to think of the time of year that you are getting married and to incorporate seasonal flowers in your bouquet – at least some.  Spring bouquets tend to be lighter and softer while fall bouquets tend to be richer and moodier.  That said, you can select, for example, a deep, rich burgandy color for a spring wedding but best to soften it a bit with blush, soft pinks, and neutrals too.

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~ Margie

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