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large clear glass jub with dried plumes

Large glass jugs can be used in varying ways when decorating for a wedding.  If you are looking for another option than lanterns or mason jars filled with flowers down your aisle, consider this option.

jug of lenten roses

I came across these clear glass jugs a few years ago and fell in love with them.  They came in three sizes.  Occasionally we have used them at table decor (the smaller one) and it is certainly a statement piece.  It allows your florals to hang more artistically.  In fact, you can even use flowering branches for this too.

down the aisle large glass jugs with plumes

Predominantly I use these large glass jugs for the ceremony aisle.  Depending on the brides vibe, is what we determine to put in the glass jugs. 

When a bride has chosen an arbor and we embellish it with her vibe of mixed dried plumes, fresh florals, and greenery, it then requires a cohesive look down the aisle.  These jugs make for the perfect companion.

mix of dried and fresh florals in glass jugs

You can also just fill the jugs with fresh flowers like a very large floral arrangement.  

Ceremony under the trees

These large clear glass jugs give us a great alternative to traditional wedding aisle decor and lets us have more options for our decorating presentations.

~ Margie

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