10 Things You Need To Know Before Booking A Venue – Part I. “Does It Fit Your Style”

You are in love and you just got engaged!   Time to start looking for a wedding venue for your special wedding day.  The clock is ticking and nowadays you know that you better book your venue first before you line up your other vendors.  Don’t be in such a rush that you don’t think out the pros and cons of the venue before you book.  Here is a list of 10 things you need to know before booking a venue.  Let me start with the topic of “Does it Fit Your Style?”

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Why We Love Summer Weddings

June is traditionally considered “the wedding month.”  I think in the past this was because it meant that school and college was out for the summer with a window of time then to get married.  This is likely still a factor today though we consider summer wedding mid-May through early September.

Photo by Viktoriya Evich Krudu Photography
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Why We Love Spring Weddings – What About You?

Each season of the year brings a change and a different ambiance from the next.  This three-part series highlights the attributes of each season – Spring, Summer, and Autumn.  We would relish your opinions too, so please chime in with a comment at the bottom.  Today, we start off with why we love Spring weddings. Spring weddings are mid-March through early May.

Photo:  Jenn Blackburn Photography

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Wedding Cakes

I don’t know how well the cakes taste since I am not privy to that, but I do know that they look visually stunning.  Let me showcase a few of my favorites.

Starting with these two stunning examples by Dan the Cake Man (photo credit to Roxy & Jon Photography).  The first is adorned with these delicate flowerettes that demonstrate all things delicate and feminine and pink where as the groom’s cake is a pretty good job looking like a whiskey barrel.  There is even this mock “dirt” at the bottom which is very edible and tasty to boot though we did embellish it with some fresh ivy leaves.


Even this cake, believe it or not, is a Publix wedding cake that HP Farms embellished with floral accents to match the bride’s reception flowers.  It dressed up very nicely.  (Photo credit to Christina Marie Photography)

These two cake photos show that you don’t have to necessarily splurge on one huge 3 or 4 tier cake but with the right presentation – you can do smaller cakes – just more of them.  Presentation does go a long way but this approach will likely save you money too!  Double bonus!


This bride had a woodland theme throughout with moss and greenery so no wonder that these were even infused onto the wedding cake table too.

Naked cakes have been popular for a while and continue to be.

This slight variation to a naked cake has added fresh fruit berries around.  Maybe it is a bit healthier version of a wedding cake.

And no matter what kind of cake you choose, you have to admit it that this is an awfully unique way to “cut the cake” and certainly works best when you are a Marine.


~ Margie