Honeyroot Photo and Film Introduction Wedding day is a long awaited dream filled day that will be remembered for the rest of your life. It races by quickly and is packed with a busy timeline ranging from preparing logistics to an emotional ceremony to often chaotic reception and more.  Hopefully with some smart pre-planning, careful packing, and some helpful volunteers, wedding day can allow a bride to be in La-La-Land, as it should be, enjoying the day while knowing the details are being handled.   Let me share with you my top three "Wedding Day Planning" advice. With so many items to bring, to

Double-Bloom pink poppies There is a technical name for these poppies that I can pronounce or spell.  The poppy flower in general has origins dating back thousands of years. These double bloom poppies are about 4-5 inches in diameter with a pale blue-green foliage. The pink hue actually varies a bit depending on soil make-up and temperatures.  If you look closely at this photo above, you will see that prior to blooming the poppy forms a unique oval shaped pod which is stunning on its own right. Even after the bloom has finished, a seed pod remains until it dries out

Building a bar out of an antique grain bin seemed like the perfection addition to our Horse Ring Lounge Area.  The idea was an easy one, but the execution of such a task was a  daunting one.  Let me tell you how we made it happen. Once we had the notion, we began to figure out the details; how large, how wide, how many openenings, what features, etc.  Between googling and Pinterest, we began seeing various versions and ideas to feed our imagination as we came up with a specific plan. Establishing the criteria was the next step.  1. The general size

Spring at the farm is always exciting because of all the changes that begin.  Spring actually begins this Monday, March 20, 2023, but the signs of Springs have already begun. Grape Hyacinths bud out early and though they are very small, this close up photo shows you just how beautiful this little bloom is. Even our flowering Jasmine vine buds out early and flaunts its gorgeous yellow blosoms without much competition.   We don't leave it all to nature though.  In our greenhouse, we start many flowers by seed early on to give us a headstart.   The greenhouse creates the warm environment for them to

Wedding cakes are a long standing tradition.  Like most wedding traditions, most couples have no idea why they have them and continue them.  Originally, wedding cakes were more like breads so it was a "food gift" brought to the couple as a blessing for them.  Later, that morphed into more of a cake as fruits and spices became more common and accessible.  The evolution to stacked and larger cakes was a sign of prosperity. Cakes were typically white (like bridal gowns) as a sign of purity and virginity.  It is uncommon for a wedding nowadays not to have cake despite past