The Barn at High Point Farms

Each year we celebrate the talent and artistry of our photographers who photograph here at High Point Farms for our brides.  We painstakingly go through each bridie’s photo gallery to choose pictures that have some biti of exceptionalism that separates them from the rest.  Here in Part I of this series, I will identify them and add a bit of commentary.  There are a total of 12 photos.  The first 10 are rolled out in random order.

First up by Y Studio Photography

bride and groom with baby goat

We are a bit partial to our baby goats so there is usually at least one “baby goat” photo selected each year.  This photo stands out because of the baby goat but the bride and goat kissing, the gorgeous and unique bouquet on display, plus baby goat looking at the camera all come  together to make a stand-out photo.  It just makes people smile to see this one.  

Second Up is SVS Creative

snuggling in the garden

This photo is one of those that couldn’t have been staged any better than it was.  The garden full of dahlias on display make it look almost unreal.  With the sweet tender kiss of the groom to his bride, the barn in the backdrop, and the clouds adding interest, this photo and its coloring look stunning.  

Third in line-up is by Randi Vasquez Photography

It is actually difficult to get an amazing bridal party photo for some reason.  I think because they tend to look so straight-forward and the line-up goes on forever.  Here, though you don’t see all of the faces of the bridal party, ti shows off their excitement and lets the bride and groom be the center of attention.  The staging is great on this one plus the bride and groom are posed perfectly.

Fourth is by Madison Miles Photography

bride and groom in the garden barefoot

Part of the beauty of these garden photos is that you have your setting already adding color and interest.  They really look like the bride and groom have snuck away for a private moment in the garden.  This photo has the amazing color of  the fuscia Cock’s Comb flowers but the fact that the bride is barefooted adds extra pizzazz to this sweet tender moment.  

Fifth and Final For Now is by Corey Floyd Photography

sunset with the animals

This photo is staged with various elements that are very difficult to stage.  The bride was intent on taking a photo with the horses but they were off in the North-Forty on the other total side of the barn.  Two golf-carts off-roading through the back-country of our farm looking for horses was crazy right off.  Find the horses with such a beautiful mountain backdrop was doubly fortunate.  I told the photographer just to let the couple meander around the horses and just start shooting.  Horses are unpredictable;  how they stand, will they come towards the couple or run off; will they eat the bouquet, will they stand with their rears to the camera.  It was icing on the cake to have such a great shot right at the impact of the sun setting their at High Point.  Persistence and luck are often key roles in a great photo.

I would relish your comments on these photos.  Part II will follow soon with five more photos.  

~ Margie

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