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Each new year brings a list of new wedding trends. 2024 is no different.  I think I have read 20 different blogs or posts from wedding vendors and industry influencers just to hear other people’s perspectives.  There are a few common threads between them all but a wide list of others that are not.  Wonder why?  I think it is because more and more brides are having their wedding “their way.”  Trends are not so synchronized due to that.  Here is MY short list of trends gaining steam (more so than actually new) and a few trends that are disappearing.  

2024 Trends

1. a Small "just to Cut" Cake

small wedding cake just to cut

Couples still like to opt for a cake but not so much the fanfare around “cutting the cake.”  This has spawned many to just purchase a small cake while having sheet cake to be plated out by the caterer.  Often there is a  picture still of the couple cutting the cake, but the party does not stop with bated breath while the couple cuts the cake. Part of this trend is the silliness of the tradition itself  (i.e., your first domestic duty that the couple engages in), but it certainly is a less expensive alternative.

2. Bride and Groom Tour of the Reception Hall

For many brides, many details and planning has taken place for all of the decor and florals of the re reception hall.  In some cases, a bride and groom’s first exposure to the reception hall is after the ceremony and when the room is full of guests.  Now, we see couples who make a point in surveying the reception hall prior to the reception just to be amazing at seeing all of the plans come to fruition.  

3. Bold colors in the florals

Bold colors for your florals both in bouquets and for the reception hall is taking steam. Bold doesn’t mean that you can’t do pastels, but that you infuse a lot of rich colors together whatever your general color theme is.

4. Pocket Boutonnieres for Men

Pocket Bout

Pocket boutonnieres are all the rage. Some are subtle and some are more elaborate. Some can be very earthy still but for sure it is a statement piece.  It is so much easier to secure too.

5. Bridesmaids (and often Groomsmen too) in mis-match attire

bridal party uniquely attired

This trend has been growing more and more each year.  It is not considered new but is actually becoming very frequent.  Personally, I love it for a host of reasons.  Giving some consideration to a blend of complimentary colors is wise, but so far, I haven’t seen anything that went off the ranch.  

Five More 2024 Trends From industry leaders

6. Embroidery

Whether it is embroidery in your gown or veil or maybe carrying an heirloom embroidery handkerchief, they say embroidery is a new thing this year.

7. Veils

Bridal shops say that have never seen so many veils being ordered as they do for 2024.

8. No Bridal Party

Many couples are opting for no bridal party or just a Maid of Honor and a Best Man.  Though this would help reduce the budget, the trend seems to be geared at making the wedding celebration simpler and less drama-filled.

9. Bridal Party sits during ceremony

This one, I have not seen.  It is designed to de-clutter the wedding ceremony so that all eyes can just focus on the bride and groom during the important vows and rituals.

10. Audio Ghost Book

A new product is the “After the Tone” guestbook that uses a vintage phone to let guests record a cute verbal message to the bride and groom.  All of the messages get collected and sent to the couple later.  Great idea!  Can’t wait till somebody brings this.

Five Trends that are waning

1. Bouquet and Garter Toss

Most brides don’t want to let loose of their bouquets. Many of their girlfriends don’t want to be called out as “single” so no surprise this has waned. The garter removal was always a bit uncomfortable too  Good riddance!

2. Mason Jars

Just when I think they are totally gone, I will get a request for them, but Industry Pros say that mason jars are on the “out-list.”


Speeches are being eliminated from wedding night unless it is the dad and/or Maid of Honor/Best Man.  Bridal party speeches are also avoided on wedding night and are sometimes being scootted to rehearsal dinner events instead or eliminated altogether.

Written and Mailed Invitations

No need for the effort and expenditure of written invitations. With the ease of digital invitations and RSVPs, no wonder this is a dying art that is being left behind.

5. Sparkler Send-Off

Coordinators across the country are tickled to see the traditional sparkler send-off waning.  It does photo well, but it has always been a time-consuming challenge to distribute, light, and execute the sparkler send-off to guests who are often slightly intoxicated.  Bubbles and dried pot-pourri are common replacements for sparklers, but some couples are avoiding the over-dramaized send-off altogether. 


At the end of the day, 2024 is an amazing year to get married because your ability to customize your wedding is increasingly encouraged in almost all aspects of your wedding.  Trends are interesting to review, but don’t be overly swayed by them.   Ponder them, yes, but make your wedding unique to you and your vision and style.


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