Premium October weekend

Reserved solely for our peak month of October

country wedding

The Premium October 3-Day Weekend Wedding Package revolutionizes your wedding experience by slowing down your timeline and allowing you to enjoy these special moments more.  This package combines your rehearsal ddinner event; it guarantees your ability to rehearse before wedding day; provides on-site lodging for  up to 16 guests; eliminates the typical back and forth traveling from one event to the next; includes a romantic treehouse for honeymoon night, all to your wedding day event.   All of our October weekends are peak dates and thus are reserved for this Premium October 3-Day Weekend Package.

bridesmaids in farmhouse

Premium October 3-Day weekend package

  •   All Fridays/Saturdays in October
  •  A Three-Day Combo Event
  •  Includes On-Site Lodging
  •  Lodging:
    • Guesthouse for up to 8 Fri./Sat. Night
    • Farmhouse for up to 8 Fri./Sat. Night
    • Treehouse for 2 on Sat. Night
    • Check-out Sunday morning

Lodging on-site is not only convenient, but adds to the weekend experience.   To unpacking once and then avoiding the driving back and forth from motels to event halls to rehearsal site and so forth, is a God-send. 

friday event

  • Rehearsal Dinner Event
  • Friday Access to Barn 5-10 PM
  • Friday Event Guest Limit 50
  • Friday Reception Tables Decorated
  • Chair Set Up/Break Down/Clean Up
  • Vendor Choice
  • Offered a Preferred Vendor List
Upgrades Available:  Vintage China Package, Bonfire, Smore’s Package, Glassware, more

With time to have a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner event in the same location works smoothly. Your Rehearsal Dinner Event lets you approach this in numerous ways. going upscale or casual. Choose your own vendors. We will set up tables and lightly decorate making it an easy process.  Enjoy your dinner then just chill out and connect with each other.   Relax. HPF will clean up.  Lodging guests are only steps away from their houses.

Saturday event

  • Saturday Morning Access to Barn for Decorating 
  • Furniture Set Up/Break Down   
  • Saturday Access Ends 11:30 PM
  • Wooden Cross-Back Farm Chairs
  • Heated/Cooled Barn
  • Supplied and Maintained Restrooms   
  • Clean-Up
  • Saturday Event 175 Guest Maximum   
  • Saturday night lodging for guests again for up to 16   
  • Treehouse lodging for honeymooners on Saturday

Being on-site on wedding day means you can sleep in or enjoy a yoga class. There is an extra large farmhouse table in the Mimi Guest House so all lodgers often will converge Saturday morning for an impromptu breakfast together before everyone disperses with their days agenda.

bridesmaids on porch

Guys often head off for a morning of fun off-site; hiking, rock climbing, golfing, etc.  Girls either go to the barn to decorate early in the morning or they begin their long regimen of hair and make-up preparations. Photographers can come early and begin taking prep and detail shots.  Having the whole morning relieves the pressures of a tight timeline for everybody.

stage with desserts

Upgrades & Extras Like:

  • 1. Decorating With Floral Pkg.
  • 2. Day of Coordinator
  • 3. Bouquets
  • 4. Bonfire
  • 5. Portable Sound System, Etc.

We offer extra services, rentals, and extras to this Premium October 3-Day Weekend Package. This means you can opt to delegate out all of the venue decorating, Day of Coordinator, and bouquets to us, leaving you and your girls to just enjoy being pampering at the Farmhouse.  We have an interesting line-up of rental items too that can be a great solution for some of your wedding day visions.  

reception tables candlesticks amber

You have your wedding event on Saturday. The day is full.  Your wedding guests depart. Your farm lodgers stay again one more night at their respective houses  and only steps away from the venue.  HPF cleans up the barn and handles breakdown.  Your parents are not left with that responsibility.  

treehouse honeymoon

Bride and Groom get to retreat to our romantic Treehouse for their honeymoon night.  No packing up and driving to town, just exit from your sparkler send-off and head towards the woods. A night at the Treehouse is always unforgettable.