Extra Services Offered

High Point Farms offers extra services that may help fulfil your wedding day needs.  We only services that we are our expertise.  We also have rentals.


They Include:

-Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Head Crowns, Dog Collar Embellishments, Etc.

-Two Decorating Packages; “Timeless” and the personalized “Tailored”

-Day of Coordinator 

-Vintage China Package

-Smores Package

-On-site Lodging

-Horse Photo Ops

-Dessert-ware Package

-Rentals like:

    1. Vintage Sofas & Chairs

    2. Vintage Goblets

    3.  Mason Jar Glassware

    4.  Vintage Silverware

    5. Drink Decanters

    6. Arbor, Cross, Hexagon

-Extras –   “Add-Ons”

   1.  Bonfire

   2.  Goat Visit

   3.  Rosemary Sprigs

   4.  Buckets of Farm Flowers

   5. Haywagon Exit



High Point Farms is a flower farm. We grow a large variety of flowers, herbs, and greenery. Our dahlia beds are amazing and produce an array of sizes and colors.  Your flowers and bouquet are such an integral part of your wedding day experience. We can weave your colors, textures, and shapes together to create this floral accent for you.  Beyond bouquets, we can make boutonnieres, corsages, head crowns, pet collars, and embellish arbors too.

decorating packages

High Point Farms offers two different decorating packages. One is a more simplistic approach with several options to choose from  that is more budget friendly and hits all of the key areas with the bride’s theme. The other is a personalized approach with a bounty of choices meant to be more comprehensive to each aspect of the wedding event. Both of these include both floral and decor.  Let us handle your decorating needs so that you can enjoy your day knowing that such details are being handled by professionals.  

candles and greenery reception tables

day of coordinator

Each wedding must have a Day of Coordinator. High Point Farms offers this service.  We know the facility, the needs, and the details. Our service includes a few extras that will go above and beyond “just day of” attention.

Inquire about pricing and more details about the Day of Coordinator Service.

vintage china package

High Point Farms offers a Vintage China Package for the small and medium sized weddings. We have a beautiful collection of china patterns that would compliment and enhance your event. The package includes the china, vintage silverware, dessert plates, and real napkins. It also includes placing your tables with the settings. Whether this is for all guests or for the bridal party table, it is worth a consideration. Extra embellishments like mason jars or our vintage goblets for your drinking glasses and even sprigs of rosemary at each setting can add that extra wow factor.

rosemary sweetheart lace greenery candles

smores package

Yes, indeed!  A Smores Package is a grand way to end the evening around the bonfire for all ages.  This package not only comes with all of the marshmellows, graham crackers, skewers, and chocolate, but it comes with a beautiful set up and display.

wedding ideas

dessert-ware package

High Point Farms has a wide assortment of unique and mostly vintage dessert-wares.  For those weddings that are offering their guests a dessert smorgasbord of treats, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or whatever can not only fill their guests bellies with delicious eats but the display can dazzle the eyes (and photographs) as well.  The service includes the wares and displaying your treats at the right time of day – just not the treats!

shabby chic dessert wedding table


High Point Farms offers extra rentals. Some I have mentioned above. Others include some of our furniture rentals like my vintage sofas that can make stunning photographs. We also have a wooden arbor, a wooden hexagon geometric, and a cross.  We have a specialty-craft Boho macrame too.

Some other extras

There are some final extras that we offer that are often crowd pleasers or considered great solutions.  Linens or napkins can be ordered. Fresh out of the garden rosemary sprigs can add a nice touch (and smell) to your plates. Our bonfire (hillbilly style) is one of the most popular no matter what time of year. Guests enjoy sitting by a fire under our country sky full of stars while youngsters are dancing the night away. One of our extras surely falls under the category of “one-of-a-kind” called “Goat Visit” where we bring up one of our baby goats (when possible) to visit your guests during cocktail hour as a form of up-close-and-personal visitation.  With smiles and selfies galore, this is truly a favorite for all animal lovers.  We even have a hayride get-a-way extra to whisk the newlyweds off down the driveway after the sparkler send off.  This works even better when the bride and groom are staying in the treehouse overnight but want a clean getaway at night’s end.

Contact us about any of the extra services or rentals.