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Weddings are all about the bride and groom; their vision, their traditions, and their choices. If you are choosing not to elopement and actually have a wedding celebration, then weaving in ways to include your family and allow your guests to enjoy the event is equally as important to consider.

bride and mother prep
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This post wants to concentrate on some ideas just for Mom.  Dad’s typically get their Father-Daughter dance and Dad’s often get their “Dad’s first look” as well as Dad’s traditionally walk the bride down the aisle.  So, what about the moms?

Traditionally - The mom's

  1. Some mom’s are integral in the wedding planning with their daughters and so their involvement can have their fingerprints in most of the details. This can provide fond memories that can be an endearment for a mom’s lifetime.
  2. Some mom’s help wedding day with assisting their daughter into her wedding dress. Special moments indeed and typically recorded in wedding day photography. 
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       3. Corsages are a traditional “honoring” of the mom’s. 

wrist corsages

non-traditional - Just for Mom

  1. Wear a piece of her jewelry.
  2. Wear your mom’s wedding veil.
  3. Add a trinket or jewelry of your mom in the bouquet handle.
  4.  Include a note of recognition in your program.
  5. Let your mom and your dad walk you down the aisle.
  6. While you are being walked down the aisle, stop at the end and give your mom a hug or hand her a stemmed flower from your bouquet.
  7. Do a shortened Mother-Daughter dance.
  8.  Do a toast to your mom.
  9.  Instead of a bouquet toss, give your bouquet to your mom.
  10.  Even better, make giving your mom your bouquet an announced segment by the DJ to it is recognized by all.
  11.  Leave a well-thought-out note of recognition and thanks to your mom.  
mom walks daughter down aisle
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You will never regret adding moments of recognition and appreciation into your wedding day.  Don’t look back with regret that you should’ve – could’ve, but didn’t.


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