Meet Us

scout family photo shoot

This is a family farm and this is a family-owned and run business.  I am Margie on the right.  My parents purchased the farm when I was just sixteen. My husband, David, is our Land Manager (a.k.a. Jack of All Trades and our gracious host).  My eldest daughter, Jill, is my business partner in this venture. Her husband and her kids are often helping on the sidelines in various ways. These grandchildren of mine have grown up around the wedding business and seem quite at home with the organized chaos.

There are many hats to wear or roles to perform when running a wedding venue.  Doubly so when maintaining a working farm too.  Jill, when not planting in the garden or moving haybales on the tractor, is taking phone calls from the brides and handling the tours. On wedding day, she is often the bride liaison during arrival.  She is our flower-guru and the creator of some amazing bouquets.

During the week, I respond to your emails and keep up with social media and our website demands.  On many weekends when decorating packages have been added, I am the lead on this front.  You will often see me driving around the farm with the bride, groom, and their photographer as we venture further away from the venue area for those one-of-a-kind photo ops that only we know where they are located.

valley view

Wedding day and actually all during the week, we are all “hands-on” with this business.  The Farm means something special to all of us.  Each flowerbed that we create and each project that we build, we know that it all becomes part of a very special day for each couple who comes here to experience the Farm for their wedding day.