Each year, we celebrate the exceptional artistry and talent of our photographers by selecting certain photos that we feel are "magazine worthy."  There is something extra special in the lighting, the angle of the photo, the location, or the set up.  Some of these look as though they were carefully staged for a photo shoot.  This is always a very challenging process to weed through all of the amazing wedding galleries and narrow it down to just twenty photos.  Jill and I go round and round with this process until we agree.  We are now ready for the roll out. 

Joy and Everette Photography A bride's bouquet is a beautiful accessory that the bride displays not only her color theme but it should reflect her style too. Allison Pedigo Photography The white hydrangea bouquet above is a very simple but classic and clean approach. Hannah Martin Photography Many brides nowadays have a mix of colors that compliment each other so that typically means that their bouquet is full of this variety as well. Kori Elizabeth Photography Size plays a role in this choice too.  Though you don't want to oversize a petite bride, you still can choose between a more ball effect, a relaxed freestyle, or a

It is always a delight to see the varying colors that each year trends for each wedding year. I am just as excited to see those rare brides who bold;y go their own way despite the trends. Even beyond the colors, be sure and notice the styles. Here are the samplers for 2021. The oranges were very popular and often mixed with different colors to contrast. Hannah Martin PhotographyAshley Blair PhotographyHoneyroot PhotographyWhite bridesmaids dresses are a unique twist. (Photo: Allison Pedigo Photography) Allison Pedigo Photography The continued trend of having a mixed yet blending color

Kenney Photography One of the trends of the last couple of years, amber glass still had a strong presence in the decorating  palette of many brides in 2021.  It is certainly a trend that we, here at High Point Farms, hope will continue. Kenney Photography did you know?  Amber glass is the result of adding iron, sulfur and carbon to the molten mixture. These elements give amber glass its iconic color — a rich, deep umber that, for many people, brings to mind a tasty brew of some kind. There's a reason for that, and it involves the way amber glass protects its contents from

When I was nine years old, my cousin and I had a dream to open our own wedding venue and plan weddings for the rest of our lives. We would spend hours putting together Pinterest boards of collages and ideas. The romantic notion of planning weddings danced around in our heads. Long story short, she's now a teacher at an elementary school and I am working at a newspaper. The dream of the wedding venue still sits in the back of my mind but pretty far back because life happens.  That was till this summer when Margie offered for me to come