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traditional wedding cake

Wedding cakes are a long standing tradition.  Like most wedding traditions, most couples have no idea why they have them and continue them.  Originally, wedding cakes were more like breads so it was a “food gift” brought to the couple as a blessing for them.  Later, that morphed into more of a cake as fruits and spices became more common and accessible.  The evolution to stacked and larger cakes was a sign of prosperity. Cakes were typically white (like bridal gowns) as a sign of purity and virginity.  

It is uncommon for a wedding nowadays not to have cake despite past meanings or implications.  Why not?  Fortunately, current couples have many ways to alter this tradition to fit their own vision.  The trend began a decade ago with adding cupcakes to the presentation.  Whether this was due to the introduction of the “barn wedding” craze where homemade goodies and cupcakes were embraced or whether it was purely just to increase the fun of lots of flavors and choices, I am unsure.

flowers for wedding cake

We soon saw where most cakes trending were either “naked cakes” (where the majority of the icing that is typically on a cake is omitted), thus the application of sugar fondant cake flowers were also omitted.  What replaced those sugar flowers were real flowers and greenery.  What a stunning look this is!  These flowers are typically the same flower scheme as a bride’s bouquet creating an extension of her vision even on her cake.

This naked cake has berries and some greenery too. Yum, yum!

barn wedding dessert

Soon came dessert smorgasbords with cakes, pies, brownies, cupcakes, and all sorts of homemade delights.  These were staged beautifully with vintage cake stands and displalys so that it didn’t look like Wednesday night at church but turned into a visual wonderland even before you had a chance to taste its delicasies.   

cake alternative

The floodgates were opened and everyone’s imagination began to be expressed with donuts, cheesecake bars, and ice cream vendors.  Why not?

wedding cake

Again, most weddings still have a traditional wedding cake.  Either this stands alone or they also do some of those ideas mentioned above.  Traditionally, wedding cakes were set on large gorgeous silver cake pedestals like this one, but with the influence of the barn wedding craze, we began to see another variation.

cake topper

Wedding cakes set on a large round log has now been popular for 10 plus years and going strong.  It goes beyond the encouragement of “rustic” but is more now just a mix of the natural element along with the cake and florals.  How cute is this?

stage with desserts

Creativity can rule the day now with a unique weddidng cake stand holding a two-tiered naked wedding cake adorned with loose greenery all set on a whiskey barrel bar full of cupcakes displayed on mini-stands and small log slices.  If you are a nature loving bride who isn’t all glitz and glam, this is right up your alley.

vintage dresser cake stand

If you are more of a romantic who loves all things flowers and the vintage vibe, there are fun ways to display your wedding cake like this vintage vanity dresser.  I am anxious to do this same sort of vibe with my vintage sewing machine – Pinterst here I come!

wedding cake on spool table

You can also think outside of the box and make your cake AND your cake table be a statement piece like this wedding cake set on a large cake log which is on a rustic spool table all decked out with fun decor, greenery, and a LOVE banner.

dessert table

What a great opportunity a couple has to even take this cake tradition and to make it “their own” by having the kind of dessert they want and to display it in a vibe that fits them.  Embrace this opportunities and have fun with it.


~ Margie

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