Wedding Cake Ideas

  I hope that all of  my Farm Blog followers are also my Facebook followers.  I often post different things on both places.  Today – I wanted to piggy back with the pictures that I posted on FB….a collection of my most favorite weddings cakes.
   As I posted them, it made me want to suggest a couple of ideas.  Nowadays, there are so many choices for the bride – in every aspect of her wedding – especially at unconventional type venues like our own.  Weddings cakes fall into that category too.  We have seen lots of variety.
   We have seen several weddings where they have opted to use cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. With proper presentation – using some of the cool looking cupcake holders – as shown here – it creates a very fanciful light-hearted presentation.  Plus – a variety of interesting cupcakes gives your guests choices – and brides are not the only ones who like to have choices.
  One great idea that my daughter Jill had was to incorporate both sides of this union in several aspects of her wedding day.  Her wedding dress was actually her “mother-in-law’s to-be’s” dress that was revamped and altered. When a decision about the cake came up – Jill knew that both sides of the family had sentimental cake recipes.  So – for the groom’s cake, she went with the secret family recipe for Carrot Cake; used professional cake pans and created a tiered groom’s cake. For the bride’s side – an old family favorite was her great-grandmother’s Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe.  Jill again used wedding cake pans to tier the cake then added at the last moment – fresh chopped strawberries to give it a “Strawberry Shortcake” look.  She got her uncle – Tom Gardner, a baker of sorts, to carry out her ideas and wish – so from start to finish – it wove these two families together in this one category.
  Another good idea is what Heather – my other daughter who got married late last year – and a few others have done.  They went for a dessert smorgasbord of sorts.  Again – presentation is the key. We used my collection of old vintage and artsy cake stand plates and various other pieces –  and brought in a variety of desserts – chocolate layer cakes, specialty cookies, chocolate dipped oreo balls, homemade oatmeal cookies, cheese cakes, chocolate dipped pretzels and even pies like pecan and apple…..all favorites from both the bride and the groom.  The whole table was strewn with an amazing display of desserts.  I swear you could see the guests (especially the men) eye’s just light up at the array of choices. Again – presentation is key.  Heather did opt for a small lemon cake that she could officially cut and so it was displayed on a log round adorned with sprigs of cotton, magnolia leaves, and some flower petals – and it certainly held its own in the midst of the ulta dessert display.
   Finally – there is room for something traditional.  Many brides choose a traditional wedding cake but have fun with selecting a company that can add a bit of pizzazz and all “in theme” too.  Each one is unique – and from the nibbles that I have occasionally had – they were all quite delicious on the inside as well.  Here are a few of my favorites.
   Whatever you choose – make it a purposeful choice.  Every little thing about a wedding should reflect you or the groom.  It isn’t about how much money you spend on it – it is the thought and idea behind it – and of course the taste – don’t forget that too.  Long past are the wedding cakes that looked pretty but were dry and tasteless.  Have it all – on this day – something special – something unique – something that says “You!”