The Barn at High Point Farms

Bride and groom on hillside by imago

Spring at the farm is always exciting because of all the changes that begin.  Spring actually begins this Monday, March 20, 2023, but the signs of Springs have already begun.

spring blooms

Grape Hyacinths bud out early and though they are very small, this close up photo shows you just how beautiful this little bloom is.

early spring vine

Even our flowering Jasmine vine buds out early and flaunts its gorgeous yellow blosoms without much competition.  

We don’t leave it all to nature though.  In our greenhouse, we start many flowers by seed early on to give us a headstart.  

flowers starting

The greenhouse creates the warm environment for them to jump ahead then on a nice warm day, these sprouts go outside for some early exposure so that they will handle the transition full time easier.

early planting and prepping in garden

The garden is a constant project in transition as we prep the soil, plant some flowers, layout more ground tarps, then when the weather shifts, we cover and protect.  Lots of hours of sweat and also some gentle pampering goes into the garden now to produce those amazing results later on.

view of mountain in spring

Oh, but so many more changes come in Spring.  In the next blog, I will continue with those that will include our new animals and a new reveal to share.

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