January 2023

Every year we want to celebrate the artistry and talent of so many of our photographers.  We select our top photos of the year.  These photos have a special "it-factor" above the rest. We say that they are so special that we can easily imagine them being in a magazine. It is a higher standard and frankly a challenge for us to eliminate so many and select so few.  Those bottom nine are in random order.  All stunning in their own unique way.  What a tough decision it was, Surely there is the beat of a drum roll in the background

Wedding styles vary from wedding to wedding. I believe a wedding style should reflect the bride and groom, and usually it tends to be more of the bride's vision in reality. This post will concentrate on the vintage styled wedding. It will give you some examples and ideas just in case this, too, is a style that fits you. A theme should be worked into each aspect of the venue. It is just the little touches here and there that will give a hint to the particular style. No need to overdo, just add some decor