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This blog wants to chat about the subject of a Boho wedding. I want to describe it and show pictures to prompt some ideas on how to express it.  Let me first state what it is.  Websters Dictionary wasn’t much help as it kept referring to the location of Bohemia and those with a Czech dialect.  When Websters fails, then you go to Google.  Google states:  Boho style is a free-spirited aesthetic that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements and nature. 

brass amber candles plumes

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boho characteristics

*Mismatched colors and patterns (both cool and warm hues)

*Natural elements like wood, leather, and woven materials (linens, baskets, lace, etc.)

*Vintage pieces like brass candlesticks, jewelry boxes, etc.

*Mismatched patterns and textures like geometrics and ethnic prints

*Embellishments like fringe, embroidery, or pompoms


Think of it as a Gypsy version of shabby-chic style and usually with a romantic slant.

wedding tables boho

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boho wedding decor elements

Let me give you some nitty gritty specifics on what sorts of Boho wedding decor elements that could be considered to add:

*Rugs (the more the merrier and even overlap them)

*Plants (and put them in unique woven baskets or primitive homemade looking pots, succulents, and even dried flowers, wood elements, yet flowers can also be included but remember to infuse a variety of textures and shapes too)

*Macrame’ (a wall hanging piece or nowadays you can find macrame’ for  your bridal chair or even to wrap your bouquet in)

*Ambient Lighting (brass or vintage silver, mix several different sizes and kinds, even lanterns plus candlesticks are a must

*Color (either a mix of bright colors or a palette of neutrals like soft white, soft brown,and sage green)

*Family Heirlooms or Vintage Pieces (tarnished silver teapots, ornate chandeliers, mismatch china, maps, old ladders, antique mirrors, fringed pillows, tapestries, vintage bottles, etc.)

A Boho wedding should have an effortless elegant style with an eclectic, romantic, and whimsical slant.    

boho wedding

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What you see here shows greenery in woven baskets or white rustic pots, a macrame’ arbor, groomsmen in the linen colored neutrals, and bridesmaids in a mix of colors and prints.

boho reception tables

With so many eclectic options to infuse into your Boho wedding decor, it still gives a bride many choices on whether to go subtle with a few elements (like candlesticks) with greenery or whether to infuse bold colors or subtle ones, or to go full mismatch. Remember, nothing cookie cutter.  Each table should blend into the same theme as other tables but each table should be slightly unique. 

boho decor influences in other ways

There ways to sprinkle a bit of  Boho-style at other tables and areas at your wedding, if you wish, like the sign-in/gift table, favors  table, and even the cake table.

Boho style bridal gown

Of course, if you are wanting a Boho styled wedding, you will certainly want a Boho styled bridal gown.  Think of a gown that is free-flowing, full of lace, usually dramatic sleeving, and certainly no boning or sequins.  Many of them have a vintage feel and of course, it should have a very romantic vibe to it.

bridemaids gowns

Bridemaid gowns are an easy way to help throw in the Boho vibe because mixing colors, prints, and textures are a key element.  This mix-and-match approach to bridesmaids dresses has become a huge hit over the last 5-6 years in the mainstream wedding because it gives all of your bridesmaids the chance to find a color that goes with their complexion and a style that fits their body.  The Boho wedding has been around for many years, so likely they initiated it only to see it become popular years later.

boho bouquets and head crowns

Boho florals have many options too; dried flowers in a wide range of kinds and sizes; most infuse fresh flowers; succulents are an option, and colored ribbons or lace.  No rules that says you have to wear a head crown but they do fit the bill when you do. 

final thoughts

I love the Boho style.  There is so much romance, creativity, and uniqueness in it. That said, your wedding is to reflect “you” and maybe you love some of these ideas and inspirations.  Ultimately know that you can opt to only embrace a few “hints” of the Boho wedding vibe instead of all of them.  



*Leave a comment on which part of Boho that you are lovin’ most and why.

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