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Each wedding has a photographer who captures the details of wedding day through the eyes of their camera lenses. Each photo gallery produced tends to have a photo that is a collage representation of the wedding. This photographer’s collage in essence is a one shot summary of the wedding.

Photo Credit Above: Honeyroot Photo & Film

The more details that you can include in this collage, the better. Each piece becomes a puzzle piece as you want to try to show the tidbits of influences from the specific wedding.

Photo Credit: Allison Pedigro Photography

It is always interesting to see the creativity in arranging these collages. Each one is different, as they should be. This one seems to have a great selection of items that werer included from bouquets to shoes to ring boxes and more.

Photo Credit: Hunter Lashea Photography

This collage has very few items but you still get a great idea of what the bride’s vibe was for her Boho-styled wedding.

Photo Credit: Boheme Winter Photography

What can you gleam from about this particular wedding from this photographer’s collage? Clues: black lace not white; flower choices; flower colors; jewelry choices.

vintage sofa

Turns out, this bride did have a white wedding gown but loved loved all of the black influences like black plates, black candles, black lace on the sweetheart heart table, black earrings, and a groom dressed in black. She wanted the moody crimson color woven into the color scheme with our glass crimson bottles, burgundy dahlias from our gardens, our vintage couch, and burgundy bridal party attire – all with a touch of elegance. Turns out the photographer succeeded in their representation of this wedding through their photographer’s collage.

Photo Credit: Audrey Stephens Photography

Some photographers find other items to collage instead of jewelry or invitations. Kenney Photography highlighted the amazing plate of food, the cute napkin and sprig of rosemary, and touches of their “travel theme” decor plus a wedding momento glass.

Photo Credit: Kenney Photography

Let me just show you a for more.

Photo Credit: Joy and Everette Photography

Some photographer apparently go on a scavenger hunt collecting all sorts of goodies from the bride and the decorator. Here, the Kenney’s collected jewelry, perfume, shoes, whiskey container, a Something Blue envelope, cowboy boots from the bride (for later) and all set out on the sweetheart table full of her flowers and unique table decor. I look forward to their artistry, not only in what they collect but how they arrange it.

Photo Credit: Kenney Photography

I wouldn’t be surprised if couples frame these photography collages as they showcase theses cherished momentos like wedding jewelry, invitations, rings, and even bouqet.

Photo Credit: Joy and Everette Photography

~ Margie


  • Joy Thornton
    December 12, 2022

    Love the creativity!
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