The Barn at High Point Farms

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The Barn at High Point Farms has gone the whole year without a rained-out wedding ceremony. What an amazing streak! Rain is definitely a category of things that you cannot control, yet our location helps the odds with this senario.

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Outdoor weddings are “the thing.” Most of the venues strive to provide outdoor space for the ceremony then inside space for the rest of the day. This way a bride can get it all; the beautiful scenery and natural light of outside plus the ambiance of indoor lighting for reception and beyond. It is the same here at The Barn at High Point Farms. We are noted for our outdoor spaces and beauty. Our grove is a perfect location for an outdoor ceremony. Nestled under a canopy of tree foliage, the ceremony area feels as though you have trekked into the woods. The trees add color and interested as well as protection for the heat or harsh lighting.

Our venue has a great indoor wedding ceremony option “in case” of inclement weather, but we always knows that a brides wish is to have her outdoor ceremony. We have permanent outdoor benches in our ceremony area which helps give us some leniency on how much time is needed in order to quickly move outside if the weather were to clear at ceremony time. This not only has helped us fulfill the wishes of an anxious bride but it gives some comfort upfront knowing that the venue can help quickly facilitate a last minute outdoor wedding when the weather decides to clear.


We have an unusual asset in this wonderful asset. It is Lookout Mountain that sits to the west of our property. This 100-mile mountain range starts in Chattanooga and goes south into Alabama. In fact, the peak that you see in so many of our infamous “sunset photos” is the highest point of this mountain range. This is why our two-mile community here in the valley is called the High Point Community, and this is also why our farm is called High Point Farms. This high peak helps with our rain chances.

With weather patterns tending to come from a southwest origin, so many of our storm fronts will hit the westly side of High Point and often skirt north five miles towards Chattanooga or go south towards Chickamauga, and miss us. I can’t tell you how many times bridal parties or families are closely watching storm patterns on their phones come and then disappear. This is also why Chattanooga venues and those north of the city often get hammered with rain because the mountains open up at the entry of the city. Who knew?

~ Margie

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