The Barn at High Point Farms

The Barn at High Point Farms is a bonafide Flower Farm. We are even registered with the Georgia Agriculture Department as part of their Agri-Tourism Industry. We have always had flowers but we have just kicked into high gear over these last several years. Having our gardens have many benefits.

The flowers are just part of our landscape. Our guests are greeted with our flowers. It just adds such beauty to our venue. There are flowers on all sides of our barn.

sitting on the rock
Kenney Photo
dress hangs barn doors
Kenney Photo

And not just our barn, but around each of our houses. Many of the flowers and bushes around the houses are actually heirloom from our own family. Many of the early plantings came from my grandmother’s farm. It just means that there is not only beauty around the houses but memories and a bit of history.

Mimis guest house
River West Photography
Kissing couple
Bri Sanders Photography
Honeyroot Photo

Another huge asset of our flower gardens is that they are a great resource for us when we are asked to create the bouquets or handle the reception decorating. Having fresh flowersr at our doorsteps allows us to have a wide variety of fresh and stunning florals.

fall bouquet
Kenney Photo
table florals by honeyroot
Honeyroot Photo
bottles of flower elegance
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Third huge plus of our gardens are the amazing backdrops that they create for all of our couples and their wedding galleries. No matter what time of year as the garden blooms change and morph, it gives stunning accents for our brides and grooms.

garden looking back b
Eden Ingle Photo
bride and groom in garden
Kenney Photo
Kori Elizabeth Photography
Resounding Whispers Photography

It is who we are. It does take quite a bit to keep it all up but it does bring such joy and broad benefits. Hopefully it is one of those assets that separates us from our competitors.

~ Margie

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