November 2023

Caitlin DeLoach Photography Heritage flower gardens The Barn at High Point Farms could be jokingly called "Flowers-R-Us" because not only are we a flower farm but the flowers are part of our family heritage.  When my parents first purchased the farm, my grandparents began bringing trees, bushes, perennials, and bulbs from their small farm to be planted here on this farm.   Honeyroot Photo and Film These fuschia flowers are called Cock's Comb after the color of the rooster's comb (or wattle) under his beak.  My mother was famous for these and shared the seeds with so many.  They are show-stoppers and no surprise that

Wedding day is all about the bride and groom and their ceremony, right?  Yes and no.  It is certainly the priority of wedding day, but the logistics of all of the details and decisions require balancing priorities and budgets when it comes to decisions like whether you should use plastic or real dinnerware for your reception. The pros to using plasticware Cheapest Option:  This is obviously the best reason to consider using plasticware for your reception.  Fortunately, nowadays, there are many beautiful options for some eye-appealing plastic plates specifically.  Whether with scallops or trimmed in gold, these plates will help the