The Barn at High Point Farms

dahlias and the bride
Caitlin DeLoach Photography

Heritage flower gardens

The Barn at High Point Farms could be jokingly called “Flowers-R-Us” because not only are we a flower farm but the flowers are part of our family heritage.  When my parents first purchased the farm, my grandparents began bringing trees, bushes, perennials, and bulbs from their small farm to be planted here on this farm.  

Cock's Comb Flowers
Honeyroot Photo and Film

These fuschia flowers are called Cock’s Comb after the color of the rooster’s comb (or wattle) under his beak.  My mother was famous for these and shared the seeds with so many.  They are show-stoppers and no surprise that the photographers gravitate to them for wedding photos.  

garden looking back b
Eden Ingle Photo

Equally as infamous are my Moma’s Double Bloom Pink Poppies.  Best part is that they bloom early and hang on through Mother’s Day.

Bride Groom running thru flowers
Amanda May Photos

Continued flower addiction

The expansion of flower beds have become a family joke of sorts.  My husband’s vegetable garden keeps being overtaken by more and more flowers.  There always seems to be a new place to add more flowers, vines, and bushes plus a new opportunity for a “Bride in the Garden” photo.

arched vines and flowers
Kori Elizabeth Photography
in the hydrangeas
Kori Elizabeth Photography
gardens by the barn
Andria Powers Photography

The Tradition Continues

Everyone knows Jill as the flower guru.  Flowers are her passion and her creative outlet.  She is found most days somewhere in the gardens planting, watering, weeding, or harvesting.  She grows a diverse collection of flowers to be used in her bouquet creations utilizing a variety of florals from bulbs to perennials to annuals to thistles and even herbs.  This allows her the versatility to embrace a multitude of color variations but also textures too.  Her favorite is her ever growing dahlia collections.  They do put on a show.  

bride and groom in garden
Anh-Bao Tran-Le

And if you look closely in the background of the above photo, you will see a greenhouse being built for future expansion and opportunities.  More flowers means more opportunities to rely mostly on our own grown florals versus supplementing from wholesalers and it also means more garden photo ops for future brides.  

within the queen annes lace
SVS Creative
in the garden bride and groom
Blair Photography
bride in garden
Zach Hawkins Photography

The flowers are certainly part of our past, our present, and planning into the future.  It is part of our history and our story.  It is one of our best features that help us stand out among the rest.  The talented photographers help to broadcast that asset and the brides reap the benefit. 

~ Margie  

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