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Part of the wedding day experience is hanging out with your bridesmaids primping, prepping, and experiencing this special day with your life long friends. Today I wanted to share an idea with you for a bridesmaids activity to consider.

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Some brides make arrangements to have all of the decorating details handled by someone else so the bride and her bridesmaids can totally enjoy the day without the chore of the decorating. Some brides purchase bouquets too. But, you may want to consider this alternative to purchased bouquets.


Instead of purchasing bouquets, consider making your own bouquets. Now, this may seem like an impossible idea for most brides don’t know how to even begin with making a bouquet. Some would wonder what the end product would even look like.

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Admittedly, some bouquet arrangements are more challenging that others, but with a mixed floral palette, it would make it much easier. What I am encouraging though it much more fun and productive though that just trying to make your own bouquets.

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Instead of hiring Jill at High Point Farms to make your bouquets, hire her to teach (and help) the bridesmaids to make their own bouquets. This can be a beneficial and actually a fun experience for everyone. With supervision and oversight, Jill can help to make sure that the bouquets and tweaked before the final product is photographed. It is also a fun experience for the bride too. Though I do think that you would want to let the professionals (Jill) create the bridal bouquet since it is such a special one, the bride herself could make a bouquet and let it be her toss bouquet so that everybody can get into the fun.So much of the fun is the whole experience of the girls learning something new together and actually, making a bouquet is a very creative experience that they will always remember.

~ Margie

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