Each year I comb through all of the photos from all of our weddings (that have been submitted) to remember, to reflect, to even anguish over selecting what I consider my top picks of the year.  We are so awed by the talent of the photographers who come here to the farm.  Some are our regulars and some are first timers to the farm.  They all certainly do an amazing job as they showcase their bride AND make us look beautiful.  Thanks to all of our brides and photographers who shared their day and their photos with us. There is just something extra special about these photos - an angle, some photographic special effect, a portrait quality to them, the backdrop, the pose, just something creative that stands above the rest.  As you look through them - you can just imagine it showing up in a wedding magazine or some ad for jewelry or cologne.....oh how I wish that were true!  Here we no specific order of favor.         (P.S.  Feel free to to comment about which picture you like best!) "Got My Truck - Will Travel" -  Wow!  Love this one from all sorts of angles.  Love turquoise - so wish I had a truck just like this for my own.  Kelsi is a stunning bride, indeed, but this pose makes her eyes look very whether by design or by surprise, you can see Kelsi's reflection in the rear view mirror too.                Caressa Rogers Photography turquoise bride, vintage outdoor wedding, farm wedding