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Weddings are full of emotions, traditions, family, and friends.  These are all intricately woven together in every aspect of a typical wedding day.  Such a special day can often come with a mix bag of emotions when deceased loved ones are not there to share the day with you.  Our couples often are pondering how to honor loved ones who have passed.

There are two first big decisions to be made; do you honor during the ceremony or some other time except the ceremony.  I do think you should be careful not to make this joyful occasion into a sad reminder that overclouds the happy tones.  Beyond that cautionary note, let me go through some of the best ideas.

Place a framed picture or a rose in the designated seat.

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Carry a keep sake or memorabilia with you as you walk down the aisle.  Brides often embrace the tradition of wearing something old, something new, and something borrowed.  So pinning your dad’s cuff links to your bouquet ribbon or pinning your mother’s handkerchief to the underside of your bridal gown, or as this cute Etsy ad shows, creating a little memory charm set with photos to carry down the aisle, lets you “carry your loved one” down the aisle with you.   Groom’s can do the same; wear dad’s tie or socks, or put mom’s hanky in your pocket.

Play a special tune.  If your deceased family member had a favorite song, then you can find a time to include it during your day whether that is the music to walk down the aisle by or just seating the parents or maybe your first dance music.  If you use a printed program, then make a note about it or have your DJ mention it.

Create a table display to honor them.  Not only bring framed photos of them but adding a candle is a nice touch.  Even incorporate an heirloom of item from them here on this table.

Piggy-backing off of #4 above, is to utilize some bit of memorabilia from the deceased one into the decor; use Grandma’s blue mason jars for centerpieces, add a touch of heirloom at the sign in table or dessert table and like the picture below, part of Grandma’s wedding gown was used just to accent the memory table.

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Tribute with a Toast 

a “Favor” for your guests that has a special connection; i.e. make Granny’s favorite jelly recipe, give Grandpa’s favorite cigar out, or give our flower seeds in memory of Nana and her beloved flower garden, etc.
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You will often hear us say that the BEST weddings are those that reflect the bride and groom.  When family is so important, it makes not only a special touch to remember those who are not here to celebrate. but it also helps to paint a picture of those important people who influenced your lives and made you the person you are today.  So, please do consider how to honor those who have passed in order to make this day complete.

~ Margie

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