The Barn at High Point Farms

The roll out begins of our annual “Best of” Series – Best of 2020 – Magazine Worthy Photos, where we recognize and applaud the talent of our photographers who visit the farm.  Every year we comb through all of the submitted photos to find the best of the best – the photos that have that extra something special.  We say that the talent on these photos are so amazing that we would not be surprised to see them get picked up and posted in a magazine.   Nine of the ten photos are in random order – all special and deserve applause to their photographer.  It is this first one that is our pick.

Here is our Top Pick – Our Best of the Best of 2020.

Part of picking the best is the emotion stirred in a photo, part of it is in what the picture says about our particular venue.  In this case, I am reminded about the great emotion that a bride confronts when she sees herself all decked out, hair primped, make-up, and in her bridal gown as she turns into a bride.  Lauren’s stunning dress and long train creates a huge wow factor as it pops atop of those old terra cotta floor tiles.  The farmhouse is such an integral part of our venue.  It is a building that most guests don’t actually get to see much of, interestingly enough.  This pre-Civil War farmhouse where our brides hang out and do all of their prepping just exudes a long lasting beauty.  It showcases that some things do endure and what better setting for a bride than this place that reaffirms that.  The angle of the photo; the beautiful tree foliage in the background, all of the detailing intricoes around and on the farmhouse porch just adds interest to this photo.  That said, Lauren is definitely center stage and all eyes are on her.  Her body angle, her eyes gazing down, and how beautiful her dress fits her perfectly all come together as a true – Magazine Worthy Photo.  Congratulations to Honeyroot Photo.

Love this photo from Kenney Photography!  I will find a home for it on my website somewhere.  Kudos to Zach who seems to lift up Allie so effortlessly!  Part of what makes this photo show the wow factor is how this couldn’t have looked any better had it been a totally staged shot.  The old barn wood and vintage tin doors help to showcase the barn’s authenticity, but I love how the orange in the rusty tin and the hue of Zach’s shoes and the oranges in the sandstone, AND Allie’s auburn hair all play off of it each.

This photo of Katie’s bridesmaid praying over her before the ceremony just stirs up emotions in those who view it.  Perfect place for this, on the porch of the farmhouse where the old tongue-and-groove ceiling and vine ridden porch posts provide the warmth of the setting.  This tender moment of sweet friends laying on hands of support and prayer for Katie exudes part of the ultimate wedding day experience.  A life changes on wedding day – two lives change.  This picture just tells the story of it. Photo by K&A Photography.

Sometimes a black and white version of a photography gives it an extra umph.  We went back and forth over the color version and this one and favored this one.  We love our beloved High Point in the backdrop of this as well as the tender moment it displays.  Photographer:  Jacqueline Fugatt Photography.

It takes extra lighting props to pull off this amazing photo by Stephanie Richer Photography.  With the honeymoon treehouse in the backdrop and the cafe’ lights overhead, this photo captures what is likely the first moment of the long wedding day that Courtney and Brandon have been alone.  What a beautiful silhouette scene.

For the adventuresome, heading over the creek and up into the forest can get you these beautiful woodsy photos by newcomer to the farm, Jacqueline Fugatt.

A beautiful bride and groom arm in arms is always a great photo but with the tree stumps, tree foliage, and the treehouse in the backdrop, all come together for a perfect wedding photo thanks to Kenney Photography.  

This one from the gallery for Cassidy and Zach by Andria Powers Photography.  The whole gallery is amazing and I think Cassidy and Zach both could do modeling – virtually every photo in their gallery was stunning.  What drew me to this photo was again, the artistic eye required by a talented photographer to set the stage properly, position the people, and to capture a tad of magic.  The place of this photo is on the front porch of our old farmhouse.  The old terra cotta tiling adds great color contrast to Cassidy’s dress and even ties into the flower girl’s beautiful hair.  This photo just feels intimate and imagines a conversation of “one day, this bouquet will be for your wedding day.”

Next is from the gallery for Megan and Austin by Honeyroot Photo & Film.  Most of the wedding galleries, you see these “blowing in the wind veil photos.”  This one stands out partly because Megan not only had an amazing veil but also a very long train which allows much more material to be blowing in the wind. It allows you to see some of the handiwork in her material.  The setting is beautiful too because you have the mountain behind, High Point actually, and with the photographer laying low in the grass, allows the colorful fall landscape to accent the photo.

We always seem to select a photo each year from the Tree Tunnel shots.  This is the tree lined area near the pasture.  This thoroughfare use to be used to send animals from the barn lot to various pastures around the farm.  What remains are two rows of trees that not only form a canopy over the lane but also provides an interesting effect of “depth” to the backdrop.  This photo by Randi Vasquez Photography with Astin and Brandon has the great lighting effect coming through the trees on one side, the beautiful bride and groom kissing in the middle, and the fence lined green pastures on the other side.  Amazing how much green and color for one of our winter weddings!

*I will post three more photos on Wednesday.  Remember to hit “refresh” at the top of your site so when you visit again, you will get the new updates.

~ Margie

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