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amber jugs burgundy table shoot

I recently received my shipment of these fabulous recycled glass jugs (often referred to as Demijohns).  I ordered a couple of sizes so to afford me a variety of uses. Having a variety of heights when it comes to decorating is Decorating 101.  I have a bounty of colored glassware and goblets so adding these larger glass jugs to my collection is a perfect compliment to my vintage treasures.

amber glassware plumes jugs

This photo shoot was purely for fun just to see how to mix these jugs with different colors. The amber glassware has a rising following of admirers. It blends superbly with all of these brass accents.  The blue tinged hue of the jugs play off of the amber wonderfully.  Even with no flowers on this setting, we added the feathers and dried stems then stole some pampas plumes from our grasses.  With this set up, there are several accent flower colors that would blend perfectly especially peach or a variety of whites and neutrals.

large clear glass jub with dried plumes

The larger jug with plumes would work great for down the aisle if you had a boho vibe.  With these jugs, I can imagine all sorts of possibilities from greenery sprigs to blooming dogwood limbs to small branches. I’m ready to think outside the box with these additions.

jug of lenten roses

The lenten roses complimented this setting to a tee.  The mix of soft pinks, wine colored purples, and burgundies all play off of each other.  Even this blue tinged jug served to contrast the other colors.  Brass and candlesticks are always a good accent for a table setting.  We snatched these early blooming anemones from our gardens. How delicate but amazing they are.

burgundy talbe setting staged

I definitely like this color combo best.  I think these vintage  ruby colored plates are old Avon plates of some sort. I mixed and matched with my whites to add a zing to the tables.  I love mismatch – always have!  The fresh sprig of rosemary on the napkins adds a nice touch too and makes the whole table smell delicious.

I have two different decorating packages that I offer our brides.  This sort of setting is more suited for the personalized decorating package.  Whether for all tables or just for the bridal party table, this table is set to please.  I even think that these jugs could still be utilized and the look streamlined to fit within the Simplicity Decorating Package.

flower candles

So, I had to show you these three last photos of the flowers.  The anemones are the top two – one white and the second one pink.  Aren’t they truly amazing?  This last one is a lenten rose and if you don’t have these in your yard, you should.  They do prefer mostly shade but will stay in bloom almost 9 months of the year!  They come in a small variety of colors from white to cream to this mix of pink to purple.  They have a woodland feel about them.  I love using home-grown flowers – and that….we have in plenty!  


I hope you enjoyed this displayed and maybe got inspired a bit to dress up your table or plant some flowers.  Two easy things that will bring you and others great joy.  Take care.




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