High Point Farms will be adding as a rental option in 2019 a portable sound system.  This may be a great option for many brides as they weigh choices on how and where they spend their money as well as how they want their event to proceed.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a Farm Blog posting to give you some things to consider so you can ponder this decision with more insight.

  Before laying down the first deposit, engaged couples planning a wedding ceremony and reception need to safeguard their finances and their relationships by having a money talk. Making commitments to vendors before settling on a wedding budget will lead to unnecessary stress for whoever is footing the majority of the bill. Sit down, mix up a cocktail or order some yummy appetizers, and spend a couple hours with your fiancé going through the four points outlined below.  

Pinterest - who doesn't love it?  The ideas and inspirations that we see from fellow viewers is really nothing short of amazing.  As related to your wedding day, it can have so many benefits as you try to envision each aspect of your wedding; the hair, the gown, the colors, the venue, the ceremony, reception tables, etc. As wonderful as Pinterest is - face it - it has some pros and some cons as well.

The Farm Blog will be the place to get great information, new ideas, and the "Best of the Best" sort of pictures.  We have a new blog contributor, Emily Phillips, who will be posting once a month - information from a brides perspective.  I will be also sharing tidbits and photos from our weddings that might give you ideas and suggestions that will help you in your planning process....like my next blog will be about Pinterest Pictures - coming soon.

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