The Barn at High Point Farms

We are finally here to tout our best of the best from our 2019 weddings that we refer to as “Magazine Worthy Photos.”  We have been showcasing the best photos from 2019 and have already revealed 21 of them….all in random order but truly all awesome photos.  I can’t begin to tell you difficult it was to identify our top 24 photos but strangely it was easy to identify our top three!  Jill and I both mull our candidates and agree on these.  These final three are in order.  They are what we feel are the Best of the Best!  I hope you will agree!

Drum roll please!  Today is finally here as we applaud our Best of the Best 2019 photo.  To demonstrate what it takes to be the best of the best, just imagine you had a stack 4×6 wedding photographs and you will suppose to flip through these one at a time but at a fair pace of every 5 seconds.  As you flip through some beautiful photographs, it has to be something fairly automatic that jumps at you during this quick process.  So – you find one and set it to the side.  You keep going through trying to set aside only a handful.  Eventually you have your two stacks, the stand-outs and the nice ones.  Now goes through the stand-outs quickly one more time.  At the end, you probably have already discovered your favorite.

The winner of our Best of 2019 – Magazine Worthy Photos – was taken by Wonderly Creative of the bride and groom, Sara and Christian.  I don’t think that I need to go on and on about the lighting or the interesting elements of this photo.  It is a standout plain and simple.  How bold and hilarious for Sara and Christian to on their own opt to take off their shoes, pull up her dress and shimmy up his pant legs and walk into the creek (likely about 40 minutes after their ‘I do’s’) and pose for this shot.  Not to be outdone, photographer Yee Won also trapsed out into the water as well in order to get just the right angle.  The lighting and angle are indeed just right.   Icing on the cake is that this is photo number 3 from this particular wedding gallery that has made our Best of 2019 series so Yee Won gets a pat on her back – major kudos – for a job well done.


Second place winner is by Kenney Photography and is actually the second photo on this Best of 2019 list from the wedding gallery for Meredith and Kevin.  I can state that it was likely one of our favorite galleries as a whole.  So many awesome photos.  This particular photo again has many great elements.  I always say that the Kenneys know how to “dance with the light” and this is a prime example of it.  The backlighting from the low fall sun coming through the trees is a perfect capturing of the sun at just the right moment for this photo at this location. All of that back lighting lets each and every limb, wisteria vine, and leaf behind it show off their detailing. This opening between these two large trees in our pathway towards our treehouse but because of the gap between the two trees, it allows the trees to frame up the couple.  The bridal bouquet (created by Jill at HP Farms) is appropriately placed on that old tree stump to the side.  Meredith’s veil has been tossed in the wind and as one who has often helped photographers try to do this feat, it is a challenge, so kudos to Lauren Kenney who wins the Olympic challenge in throwing it quite high in the air.  And not to leave out the main characters here at all, but I often think some of the best photos of the bride and groom are these more tender moments instead of a full blown kiss.  Meredith gently resting her head into Kevin’s forehead is a great symbol of words not spoken but love deeply felt.  All of the great elements for an amazing shot. 


Third place winner is by Kori Elizabeth Photography.  This is the second photo on our Best of list from this same gallery from Suzannah and David’s wedding day.  This photo has all of the great elements from interesting background and foreground.  The mountain and the ridge in the backdrop along with horses grazing behind unbeknownst to be on display plus the creek, these features are all show stoppers.  David and Suzannah are well centered and standing in a bed of fall leaves.  Suzannah’s colorful bouquet smartly placed adds color too.  A sweet and tender kiss adds the final cherry on the top.  Love it!

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