Magazine Worthy Photos – Our Best of 2019

Each year, with a new slate of brides, comes an array of photographers to capture their special wedding day.  We are always tickled pink when these photos are shared with us to view, to use, and to share on social media.  During the year, we share some of these photos on our Facebook and Instagram.  At the end of the wedding season, we happily gaze through these photos and enjoy walking down memory lane from all of our special wedding from the previous year.  Then we painstakingly comb through all of these photos again and again to select our favorites.  We tout this list of “24” photos as “Magazine Worthy Photos” because there is something extra special about these; unique enough that we could easily imagine them displayed in a magazine ad.  All of our weddings are special but this list is our way to salute the exceptional talent and artistry of so many of our talented photographers.

We will reveal the first 21 photos in random order.  Determining their standing would be way too difficult for us.  We do have our top 3 photos though that will be showcased at the very end of this reveal.  This task is always a challenge but we have settled on them.  I hope you enjoy this roll-out and can applaud them as well.

*Note:  This particular blog will be updated daily with the new photo and critique.  Likely you will need to “refresh” your screen to see the newly added photos.

Week Three Begins with another newcomer photographer to the farm, Adria Freshley.  This photo is in the same wildflower bed as the previous photo but nothing else is the same.  The angle of this photo aims west into the sun beaming over High Point’s peak, and even though there is a glare at the top of the photo, it allows the detailing of the bottom part of the photo to stand out like the intricacies of her wedding gown and the flower and foliage of the wildflowers.  I also think her position is perfect in that she is looking down and off to the side and that her arms are straight down and not even holding her bouquet.  All of these little things, again, is what makes this photo (and others on this list) just have the “it” factor.

We are up to number 16.  Are you enjoying any of these photos?  Please make a comment when you see one you really really like (and why)!  This next photo came real close to be in our final three.  It should be a poster for our farm with the beautiful Queen Anne’s Lace wildflowers in the background and a beautiful bride holding one of our baby goats.  It is the essence of our weddings.  Another great photo from Wonderly Creative Photography.




Week Two Begins Today.  I am going to push down our first seven winners so that our next seven photos can be in the limelight a bit.  If you are just now checking into the blog – be sure and scroll through all of our current winners.

The photo for today is from one of our tried and true photographers, The Kenneys, who seem to appear on our “Best of” series each year. This photo of Meredith and Kevin is taken on our garden pathway near the barn.  One of the elements that the Kenneys are exceptionally good at is capturing the light.  I often tell them that they know how to “dance with the light” in their photos.  With the low fall sun coming from behind, it makes the happy couple almost glow. What this great lighting also captures is all of the organic textures in the background like the large Spruce and Poplar trees and the large Canna Lilies. The lighting outlines each detail in the foliage on each leaf and bloom. Then you have all of the interest on the sides with the old garden gate and our Cock’s Comb and Brazilian Verbena flowers. All of these floral varieties add color and textured interest.  Finally…Meredith and Kevin are staged perfectly.  Kevin’s casual stance, Meredith’s beautiful red hair, a stunning Boho bridal gown that allows all of that delicious light to beam through, and then the colorful and cascading bouquet in hand.  All of it, again, comes together for a perfect recipe.


Day 9 highlights a very romantic photo by Roxy and Jon Photography showing a tender escort of the groom leading his bride towards the honeymoon treehouse on our property.  With the cafe lights overhead and a glimpse of the lit up treehouse on the far left, all eyes are on the bride and groom as they slowly walk towards the treehouse.  Enough lighting helped this photo which could’ve been extremely dark, but having the mostly dark photo also adds to the ambiance of it too.


Day 10 shows off another “newcomer to the farm” photographer, Kori Elizabeth Photography, with one of our best overall galleries.  Part of what I liked so much about her gallery as a whole is that she was able to use to her advantage the somewhat lack of color of late fall.  A novice photographer sees the lack of foliage, the lack of flowers blooming in the garden, and the subtle colors in the sky as a short-coming.  Each season has its beauty if you have the eyes to see it.  Kori definitely sees it and took great efforts to showcase it.  This photo allows each naked tree in the background show off each detail of each branch and allows the light to play with the browns and soft rusts of late fall.  All of these subtleties allows the bride to stand out especially with her bright bouquet.  I also love the way the water accents this photo and all of the reflections that it brings too.

Day 11 features a photo by Juicebeats Photography.  Our greenhouse often takes some very romantic photos partly because it is authentic to our farm but it feels as though the bride and groom has snuck away for a quiet moment – just the two of them. A good photographer can capture this “nobody is around” look which is of course part of the goal. Julia and Dylan certain look like they are enjoying this moment.  The gorgeous blooming vine adds great interest to the photo plus Julia’s bouquet with its intense colors (created by HP Farms).


Day 12 is just a sweet choice by Jana Scott Photography.  I admit this one is harder to describe but it kept making the cut at each round.   I think part of it is purely the bride, Sarah’s, expression.  The vine on the Milkhouse adds all of the great backdrop both in color and in lots of textures.  Some photos just have an “it” factor….and this one does.



Day 13 highlights a much more artistic photo by The Kenney’s of one of our brides, Lauren.  This is an interesting take off on one of those “veil photos” that are popular now.  Instead of having the bride and groom under the veil, which is the typical staging, the Kenney’s have created a unique way to have the veil swirling above and around the bride in the background – leaving a stunning up-close photo of the bride.  Though I didn’t have access to the color version of this photo, I can’t help but think that this black and white version still would’ve been the preferred shot.  Unique and beautiful, this photo deserves to be on this special list.



Day 14 introduces a new photographer to the farm, Natalie Caho Photography.  Somehow her lens or filters (or editting) paled the wildflower stems to a beautiful silver tone, but still allowed the yellow to remain distinct and in place which added a mystique to the photo.  I remember Natalie asking the bride and groom to walk into the wildflower thicket to which I yelled from my golf cart “go for it – it will be well worth it!”  I look at this photo and can almost imagine what the groom is thinking…”I hope there are no snakes,” which of course there weren’t!  Often to capture those magic photos, you have to go beyond your comfort zone….and this one demonstrates why.



Let me start with a fun one by Zach Hawkins Photography.  Front and center is Erin and Nick with their glorious spontaneous expressions.  The lighting is perfect with the sun beaming from the side yet still capturing a bit of the precipitation too.  The garden always abounds with flowers but shooting from just the right angle as Zach did, he shows off each variety to their best advantage add great depth, a sense of texture and of course great staging.  The umbrella always adds a bit of interest especially with the happy smiles from the Erin and Nick.  Even Erin’s dress has a garden-vibe that blends so perfectly into this photo location.  So many great aspects of this photo that come together in perfect harmony.


Let’s go for another one.  If you were quickly flipping through hundreds of wedding photos, you have to admit this one by Wesche Photography would certainly catch your eye!  We tend to select a couple of these “bride with a baby goat” photos each year, and we indeed selected two again this year.  Kaitlyn and Nathaniel seem to be enjoying a sweet and tender kiss but ly including little “Annie Oakley” to the photo adds a cute and adorable punch to it.  Of course it makes everybody say “ahhhhh” and to boot, little Annie Oakley is looking straight at the camera as if on cue.  In addition, I have to say that her little airplane ears makes her look extra precious!


This next photo in our Best of 2019 series is by Wonderly Creative.  This photo is a delightful way to show off how a bride often feels when she first puts on her wedding gown.  You imagine yourself in a beautiful wedding dress, and now, finally,  that special moment is here and that special day is here.  I don’t know what is going on in Sara’s mind as she twirls in her dress but she looks happy, sassy, and ready to get this wedding ceremony under way!  I hope each bride feels the way that Sara “looks like” she feels in this photo.


Again, these first 21 photos are in random order but were selected out of all of our 2019 bride photo galleries that were submitted to us.    This next picture stands out partly because of the natural elements that fortunately showed up free of charge to this lucky photographer (and to the couple too of course). It is hard to order such a day that has any one of these elements; interesting assortment of cloud coverage in the background, the two mountaintops with a variety of tree foliage colors scattered throughout, and the deep red clover patch that Kelli and Adam are standing in.  If you ever met Kelli and Adam, you would know that they would happily do their part with such a happy (almost giggly) embrace. These two had this amazing expression on their faces all day long but this particular picture just has that winning recipe of having all of these great elements coming together all in one photo.  This photo was rescued and edited by Chlogo Films.


I have a doozy of a photo for you today by Abigail Lewis Photography showcasing a very Boho inspired bride with our horse Spirit (formerly known as Chief….but my granddaughter won the argument for a name change).  We often have brides wanting goat and horse photos.  The goats are so much easier because they can be held and repositioned while, of course, a horse cannot. We are often at the whim of the mood of the horse “that day, that hour, that minute” that the photo op is desired.  Spirit was very compliant, fortunately, to being the prop for several photos in this gallery.  The very elaborate headdress (by Emily Kay Designs) and the positioning of the two faces being so close to each other made this one the best of the series.  Great photography!  Can’t you just visualize this photo being in a magazine as a backdrop for some product (like cologne or jewelry)?



Day 6 shows off a photo by HMX Photography appeals so much to us because it has such interesting elements in the foreground (the wildflowers), the mid-area (bride and groom kissing – always a good winner), and the background (not only the mountain but the sun setting just at the right time).  That fleeting moment where the sun is still blaring to the moment when the sun peaks along the edge of the high peak of the mountain to the moment that the sun actually hides all comes and goes so quickly.  To be able to get situated for the photo, which in this case means the bride and groom had to walk willy nilly into the tall wildflower patch as the bride, Lacie, is asking me “there are no snakes in here, right?” then to set up the pose just right for the photo is either pure luck or talent….or some of both.  With us being a flower farm, we love the added bit of color and texture that this foreground offers to the overall picture.  


Day 7 and I hope you are enjoying this roll out of photos.  This next one is of Elisa and Samir under the bridal veil and it is taken by Kirsten Boston Photography.  The staging of this photo is in our greenhouse but by most accounts, you can’t tell it, though the low hanging chandelier in the back helps to give this photo a bit of back lighting to the couple.  Many brides try versions of the veil photo but most of them end of falling short.  Most of the failures come from it looking too contrived and the couples even feel a bit awkward with it.  But, when it does work, they are unique and amazing, so I think it is always worth trying.  This particular photo only has a wisp of the veil which actually helps to add a bit of intrigue plus the expression of Elisa and Samir captures a truly genuine and tender moment that was fortunately captured on film.



I relish all positive comments and encourage you to leave one.                                            ~ Margie