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Wow!  What a whirlwind that brides have been enduring these last couple of months with the Covid influence on all of our lives.  Fretting won’t help but finding a way to make lemonade out of the lemons of all of this might just be the best plan.  Rethinking wedding options on location, on the size of your event and who to invite (and who best to encourage to stay home), plus even pondering all of your wedding details is a smart move that in one way or the other, all brides are having to address.  We have offered an array of elopement packages to fit the needs of some of our brides and now we wanted to pitch our June/July Plan B Elopement Package to you.  This is a rare opportunity that we can offer…a weekend wedding getaway.

The important part is that you have found the right person to share your life with.  Don’t put off your life awaiting the monthly covid case reports.  Realize that you are in unusual circumstances and maybe this is a great time to think outside the box and consider ceremony and wedding options that you didn’t (or couldn’t) before.  Embrace the reality that you are in and make the best of it. Look on the bright side of this situation.  If you are going to have a smaller wedding, then consider the advantages of a “whole new approach” to your wedding day…..making it a 3-day weekend!

(photo by Ninja Shark Photography)


*50 Guests or less

*Only for available June 2020 dates

*Lodging for 2 nights here at the farm

1.  Up to 8 guests at the Mimi Guest House

2.  Up to 9 guests at the Vintage Farmhouse

3.  and of course, just 2 at the Boho Treehouse

4.  Lodgers check in on Friday at 3 pm with a late check-out on Sunday by 3 pm

*Rehearsal dinner event option for Friday evening at the barn  6-11 PM

*Light decorating by HPF for both your Rehearsal Dinner Event and for your Wedding Day Event

*HPF created bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere from our very own gardens

*Bonfire options for both Friday evening as well as Saturday evening

*Use of our portable sound system

*Wedding ceremony begins 6:30 pm (Guest may begin to arrive by 6)

1.  Perfect time of day for a summer wedding

2.  The barn and venue area will be fully prepped and ready by guest arrival time.

*Bride may choose her vendors from any of our preferred vendor’s list

1.  We have a large variety of vendors to choose from

2.  This allows you to control your food and drink budget

3.  This allows you to have the food and menu you desire

4.  Exceptions:  You may choose your own officiant and photographer

*HPF to set up tables, chairs, decor, and then do clean up at night’s end.

*Does not include food, drink, ice, dinnerware, napkins, cost of vendors, etc.

*Cost for this package $10,000

Let me paint the picture for you….just imagine as I describe it.

Embrace that fewer people will want to mix into a large crowded wedding venue so instead, come to the farm full of fresh country air with the most important family and friends.  Select those closest to you two to come spend the whole weekend at the farm at the houses.  Let them come, unpack once, and just enjoy the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere of our flower and goat farm.  With the three houses available, this allows you to segregate your groups as you wish.

Plan your Rehearsal Dinner Event on Friday with either just the people at the houses or for all of your guests (50 or less).  Pick your caterer so you can doll it up or go more low key and casual. HPF will set up tables in the dancehall and lightly decorate your tables. Enjoy a more laid back evening with your guests and hang out/chill out by the bonfire while we take care of clean up.

Lodging guests get to walk back to their houses for an easy restful sleep.  Come morning, either sleep in (if you are that type of bride) or get up early to congregate at the Mimi Guest House extra long farmhouse table for some light breakfast. Afterwards, the morning schedule is yours to pick; arrange for an early morning yoga class, have a boudoir photo session, run in town (or arrange for a farm visit) of make-up and hair vendors and prep to your delight, and have plenty of time for pre-ceremony photos.

Ceremony time approaches and guests arrive. Reception tables are laid out and are beautifully decorated.

The farm welcomes your guests with eye candy in all directions. The goats are quasi greeters at the fenceline.

Your ceremony is intimate and emotional as you experience this celebration with those closest to you instead of a vast crowd of extras. Photo opportunities abound.

Your timeline is yours to include more of this and less of that.  With a smaller crowd, you can ponder inclusions that you didn’t or couldn’t before; indulge in higher end food or opt for the truck vendors, consider a dessert smorgasbord or even adding on an ice cream vendor for later in the evening.

Relax and enjoy this more low-pressure time as you hang out with this “most special” group of family and friends.

End the evening with a last dance and maybe even a sparkler send off.

Go hand in hand down the stoney pathway to the treehouse for your honeymoon night. Suddenly you realize that this is the perfect wedding scenario after-all.

Take what comes and make the most out of it. Turn an unexpected plan B into the best option of all. Have your wedding with a different perspective and make it the best ever!

If you want to talk over ideas, ask specifics, or take a tour, just contact us a [email protected] or call Jill at 423/280-3238.  This is only for June and July 2020 with a few available dates.  Act now!

~ Margie

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