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Covid is still floating around but weddings can finally be held.  I thought it would be good to give you a few wedding precautions due to Covid to ponder as you make your plans to move forward with your wedding day.

  1.  Consider reducing your number of guests to no more than half capacity of your venue.  Vulnerable guests will appreciate being politely released “not to come” and guests who choose to come (and wouldn’t miss it) will also appreciate that it isn’t a crowded event.

2.  Fewer people mean that you can space out the tables better.  Consider making table assignments so that you can put family groups together or friend groups at the same table.

3.  Be mindful of your many vendors who are excited but maybe anxious about returning to work.  If you have hair and make-up vendors, considering rotating your girls so that the Bridal Suite doesn’t get packed full of everybody.  Consider having all of those extra “moms” and “flower girls” and “extra friends” not all pile into the same prep rooms at the same time.

4.  Bring hand sanitizer and have it visible in all sorts of locations; at the sign in table, near the food and drink station, in the restrooms, and even in your prep areas.

5.  Consider having your drink station totally self-serve with wash tins full of individual water bottles, teas, sodas, etc. so that guests can just grab their drink and thus avoiding those large decanters of tea/lemonade where everyone would be using the same release spout.

6.  Have your plates and silverware already set out on the tables so that your guests are in charge of their own plate without needing extra staff to hand out plates and silverware.

7.  Change your cake order so that you have a smaller cake and add on lots of cupcakes so that your guests can grab their own cupcake.

A wedding even during these unprecedented times can still be much like you imagined it especially with consideration of some of these ideas. People are anxious to get together for such a celebration and with a few alterations, you and your wedding day can move forward without being held hostage to the next Covid report.  Hope some of these ideas help.

~ Margie

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