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amber plates
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One of the trends of the last couple of years, amber glass still had a strong presence in the decorating  palette of many brides in 2021.  It is certainly a trend that we, here at High Point Farms, hope will continue.

reception tables
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did you know?

 Amber glass is the result of adding iron, sulfur and carbon to the molten mixture. These elements give amber glass its iconic color — a rich, deep umber that, for many people, brings to mind a tasty brew of some kind. There’s a reason for that, and it involves the way amber glass protects its contents from light – according to Google.

boho amber goblet tables
Hannah Martin Photography

Amber glass has been around for a very very long time.  The popularity in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s means that there is true vintage pieces available; goblets, plates, decanters, and bottles available on ebay and at antique shops.  Amber glass bottles were made for chemicals and medicines for many many years and those too can be re-purposed into cute bud vases.

amber glass milk glass
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Amber glass is very popular with the Boho-vibe.  The contrast of the dark glass against the white florals or dried flowers is stunning.  I often mix my white milk-glass with my amber glass, again, just for the contrast.

amber glass milk glass table decor
Hannah Martin Photography

You can see how lace or a runner adds some beautiful contrasting too.

amber glass reception table by laura
reception tables candlesticks amber

It is very easy to see how amber glass compliments fall color schemes like burnt orange or mustard.

amber brass reception tables
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But it also blends very well with soft hues of the blushes and pale pinks too.  

brass amber candles plumes
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Then when you throw in some brass and candlesticks – your tables turn amazing really quick.  The amber glass has such flexibility to its appeal.  It really can just be like adding some doses of a brass/gold warmth to your color palette.  I like to even take some of my vintage amber sherbet mini-goblets and put floating candles in them as a way to spread the amber influence around.  

amber glass candlesticks

I’m definitely sold on this trend and hope to see more of it next year.              Margie

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