The Barn at High Point Farms

It is always a delight to see the varying colors that each year trends for each wedding year. I am just as excited to see those rare brides who bold;y go their own way despite the trends. Even beyond the colors, be sure and notice the styles.

Here are the samplers for 2021.

The oranges were very popular and often mixed with different colors to contrast.

The continued trend of having a mixed yet blending color palette as well as mixed styles is by far my favorite and I hope this trend continues.

This bride not only blended her color palette for her bridesmaids but most of them were actually second-hand purchases. This allowed each bride to suit her budget and her style while contributing to a colorful yet in theme approach to wedding colors.

Joy and Everette Photography

What beautiful shades of blue.

These deep greens sure do look amazing against the colors of their bouquets.

It was great to see a variety – as it should be. I do think this year was the year of the orange shades whether in deep burnt hues or in the soft hues or down to peach. I hope each future bride understands and embraces that she does not need to follow a trend. Boutiques surely encourage it but you have the freedom to express yourself in this aspect too. Which is your favorite? I would love to hear! ~ Margie

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