Even a DIY Bride Needs Help On Wedding Day

With Pinterest being such a hit with brides and women alike – it is no surprise that many brides handle the decorations for their wedding day with glee.  We see some very pinterest-inspired decor items and I love to see the creativity that comes to the farm.  This is all true of the recent bride Jo who is a very DIY bride in all sorts of ways.  In fact – she makes items occasionally for an Etsy page.  Yet – wedding preparations and the many details required often can consume a bride who has lots on her plate on a normal day…as is the case with Jo.


Jo is a mom and a military bride and as wedding day grew closer and closer – she cried “Uncle!” as she shot me an email inquiring about the possibility of me taking over the decorating and final details of the wedding day.  I rarely say no but it began a conversation as she sent me pictures and details of all of the DIY projects that she had already made and had set and ready for her wedding day.  With many details left to organize and a list of items still needed – it was better for her to pass the baton to me and let me use the precious treasures that she had already created and then for me to fill in the necessary items to produce the final product and to reflect “Jo” in all things.

This allowed Jo to be the bride – the princess for a day – and to allow her family and friends to just enjoy the day too.  Jo has three adorable children who weren’t so ready to allow Jo to be the bride “only” ……..but helpful family pitched in with that too.

Her heart banner was made with care – ready to be hung.  Precious pictures of Jo and Will with their family and througout their love story were sorted and brought.  Colors were decided and a plan was made.  A beautiful spring day with a ceremony under the rustic arbor….blending all things rustic – a touch of burlap – and of course…..turquoise.  With my stash of treasures from one theme to the other, it was easy to pull the whole theme together.  I am a turquoise nut myself so add extra accents was so very doable.  My vintage camera collection adds the hints of camera nostalgia to her polaroid sign in area…..which is always always fun for the guests and then leaves a lasting treasure for the bride.


Mason jars for each guest to claim for the night with chalkboard labels on them is always a cute idea.  The turquoise hutch just helps to display them.  A polaroid station to record each guest makes a delightful keepsake.  Haybale sofas are always a fun way to sit about at the farm and adds that touch of rustic chic to the layout.

Jo had made these darlin’ burlap silverware holders for each table setting.  In fact – she sells these on her Etsy page if you are interested in buying them….I will link it here. She sells them and other items, I hear.  They were adorable and made with care…a touch of lace and a touch of white beading too.  She had collected the turquoise and white gerber daisies and the burlap rosettes.  So…..a few pinterest page views later – we came up with a way to showcase her homemade treasures……looks cute, huh?

military table

One very sincere request from the groom, Will, was for me to create a “Missing Soldier Table” to honor all of the missing and POW soldiers.  We had never had such a thing represented at one of our weddings but what a noble gesture.  Our military knows all too well the cost in friends and in fellow soldiers, the cost of war.  Remembering them – even on a special day as this – was very important to Will.  A google search and pinterest picture gave me the information  needed to represent this just in the right manner.  Each aspect of the table meant certain things.  The framed statement goes over each element of the table and set up and its meaning….what an honor to do this for Will and for our military!

The day was magical and Jo indeed got to be the princess that she wanted – that surely every bride wants for that day.  A day that is as she imagined it but without the pressure, and without the work, and without the fretting.  Jo wrote a very sweet review for me days later.  Reviews are always nice to have and I appreciate them so…but this one indeed was so special.  She thanked me for “letting her be  a princess for a day……and that hiring Margie for Day of Coordinator and decorating for me was the best thing I could have done…”  Wow….what music to my ears!  I can’t control the weather….I can’t solve all behind the scene concerns….but to help facilitate the day….and to help create the vision for her day….and to help make things run smoothly….to help showcase her and her treasures…..to help create a day that will be a wonderful memory for her and all of her family and friends…..and to help make a bride feel so special…..is such a blessing for me to do and when it succeeds – it tops off the long tiring day with a smile on my face and contentment in my heart.

The weather couldn’t have been any better – her friends could not have been more supportive – and her photographer – J. Blanch Photography was able to capture it all so beautifully.  Another successful wedding – yeah!



Remembering Another Spring Wedding

Each year in early Spring we begin our wedding season.  The warm sunny days that pop in and out of our weeks during March let us know that wedding season is just around the corner.  We usually are coming off of a busy winter with our long projects list and are welcomed by the emerging neon grasses that greet us each spring.  It is just a color and hue that is hard to imagine but when you approach the barn it is the first thing that jumps out at you.

Even as Spring fights back some late frosts, the winter rye finds its stride and puts on a display for all to see.  Trees are beginning to bud out and even they add a feathery wisp of color to the palette.  Tulips begin to pop up and as if in concert – so do a list of other bushes and flowers begin to peep again. Our garden is alive all winter long with something growing and even the decorative cabbages know how to put on a show.

Each year we always have brides inquiring about spring weddings and ask “what is blooming” and “is it warm” and “would it be beautiful”….and though the temperatures can swing up and down….our spring weddings just seem to stand out – partly because the colors of the bouquets and the colors of the bridesmaids dresses have less competition.  The colors seem to pop off the page when you see them.  I think back to a wedding of Aubre and Dane in early Spring 2014…..how beautiful it all was.  Let me share a few highlights…..photos by the talented Our Ampersand Photography.

Local girl snatched her an Alaskan Man’s Man.  A collision of two different worlds that came together to joyfully celebrate the union of these two beloved souls.  Her soft soft blush pink wedding dress was so stunning and unique but oh how it complimented her hair, her skin tones, and her personality!

Their wedding reminds me of that favorite wedding sign that states, “Once in a while in an ordinary life – God gives us a fairytale.”   There’s sure seem to fit the sign.  The dogwoods beginning to bloom and the coral honeysuckle vine touting its blossoms and even the crispness in the air all came together to “take your breath away” as you saw her come down the aisle and listened to their vows.

wedding dress hangs

Spring is a beautiful time of year for a wedding – especially when love is in the air……and a wealth of family and friends to share it with.

thinking of alaska

Take a look at their video and experience a taste of it yourself.  Credit to Limestone Films.

For now…..I will remember this beautiful wedding and wait impatiently for the photos and videos to trickle in from our 2016 spring weddings.  ~ Margie

Farm Flowers For Your Wedding

Anyone who comes to the farm always notices our wide variety of flowers that we have virtually everywhere.  It is just part of the ambiance and flavor of the farm.  We are blessed with much natural beauty but nothing says “old homeplace” like flower beds everywhere with heirloom flowers, vibrant perennials, variety of herbs, wildflowers, and our favorite annuals.

Jill and I came by our green thumbs legitimately.  My grandmother “Maw” (Amy Blankenship Long) was known for her East Ridge yard that was a showcase (on Frawley Road towards Camp Jordan).  She had flowers galore with a row of gorgeous roses along the road front but always something blooming somewhere all growing season.  She had a huge garden too.  Everything was immaculate – a full time job that my Papa helped to keep.  Many of the flowers and bushes around our farm actually came from plantings or cuttings from Maw and Papa’s yard.  My mother was a flower guru as all of her family and friends can attest.  I am that way and, for sure, Jill has that gene running crazy through her as well.  It does require a lot of time, effort, and love but it is in our blood and we fancy all of the memories and eye candy that our flowers give us.

Even beyond our flower beds, gardens, and raised beds – our hayfield and extended property puts on a display of wildflowers.  The hayfield by late spring looks more like a daisy and Queen Anne’s Lace garden more than it does a hayfield because of the large quantity of flowers that it boasts.  It does make for some beautiful photographs for our brides which is always – priority number one!

We actual handle the decorating for many of our brides each year and now more and more of them are asking for the whole flower scheme to be this wildflower mix – and the thought of “buying local” appeals to them…..and local in this circumstance takes on a new meaning. But incorporating flowers from our farm is very appealing to them.  Whether we infuse some of our flowers and herbs with a few specific purchased flowers – or we go “whole hog” and aim for that fresh garden flower look….we are certainly willing to have that conversation with you to see if it is a good fit.  Even the bouquets that we have agreed to do create (and we are not professional florists by any means)….have a “just gathered” look which is very popular right now.  Even years ago when Jill got married here at the farm – her bouquets had such a colorful mix and each bouquet looked slightly different….it was as if her bridesmaids strolled through the fields and gathered up flowers to form their bouquets….though it was a bit more work than just that, of course.  It was the look that she wished to achieve…..and it did work (pictured here in the middle photo).

To allow us to handle your venue flowers (and even potentially your bouquets)…it does require flexibility.  It is not like you can order a certain flower in May when it doesn’t begin to bloom until July.  You have to be willing to have a mix.  As I stated – we will often buy some bulk flowers and embellish then with our home grown ones to achieve the right look or color scheme.  So if you want have a conversation about that – just shoot us an email.  Like so many other categories – we like to provide ideas and options for our brides…and this is just another unique alternative that you can ponder.                        ~ Margie

Projects Are Completed – We Are Ready!





we had a very very long list of winter projects to complete between November 2015 and March 18, 2016.  We can now proclaim that our winter projects are completed and we are ready for our first wedding tomorrow.

back of barn pano


It certainly helps that Mother Nature has given us a couple of beautiful warm weeks.  The lawn is green and the trees are beginning to hint of color.  We have added extra lighting to the back of the barn and revamped some of our landscaping too in order to accommodate a side window to the bar room for appetizer hour uses.

pasture pano

The sky is a beautiful blue today and many pear trees around the farm have begun to blossom.  I think this has been one of the prettiest years for the Bradford Pear trees as well as our farm pear trees.  This panoramic view comes from the angle of the large tin trolley doors at the back of the barn and looking north into the pasture.  The pasture off the left – the arbor down towards the pasture – and our new entry off to the right.


new entry


The new entry to the back of the barn gives a better perspective of the barn plus it gives a bit more space between any vendor unloading and your in-coming guests.  Besides having a logistic reason for its layout – it has a birdhouse area, our horse trough full of flowers, and an old sitting bench.

front pano

We have left no area untouched.  The farmhouse is primped and ready.  Ferns on the porch – flowers in various pots – and the lawn mowed just so.


ring and barn pano

Fresh mulch – Yellow Forsythia bush blooming – and even our blueberry bushes here and there are full of blooms.


barn pano

raised beds

Our farm is full of perennials that come back year after year and they are already popping up and coming to life again.  Queen Anne’s Lace is popping up all over the farm already – it will be no time before those lacey blossoms will be everywhere.  We have planted meany of our annual flowers like sunflowers and celosia hoping for an early appearance this year.  We have got raised bed number one planted with broccoli, cabbage, lettuces, and onions.

rock patio


Another winter project was our pear tree rock patio.  We have always loved our flagstone in this area but it has now been re-laid into concrete for a much cleaner look.  Love it!  We still have our garden areas on each side of it and it already is full of life with Lamb’s Ear, Grasses, Queen Anne’s Lace, and white Allysum.

pear blosoms

If you look closely you can see the white blossoms from our old pear trees blooming.  Our first wedding tomorrow will look as though we have painted the farm in lace because of so many pear trees all in bloom.


Inside – the biggie was concreting the floors.  They have that acid stain that gives it a truly antiqued effect.  We are very happy with our decision to concrete them though we debated back and forth for quite some time.  Women with their open toed shoes will forever be grateful to us.  No more little boys shuffling their feet in the wood shavings stirring up a dust cloud.  If you look closely at this panoramic photo, you can tell that we opened up more of the barn at the pasture end.  What use to store chairs, the decor room, and the bar – is now opened up for additional seating.  Our funky olive bucket pendent lights hang as chandeliers over our barnwood tables.  The bar has been scooted to a new home (far right) and it is actually being referred to as “The Watering Hole.”  Decor room is still available – it just has a new location.  There is actually a very long list of little things here and there that we have added this year which you may or may not even notice.  It is usually our “regulars”….our photographers typically, that seem to notice everything that we do since they too give attention to details – they just seem to notice.  grove ready


We worked all winter long to prepare for our brides.  We truly hope that all our work will bring many smiles to your faces.  Nature has been good to us this spring with lots of moisture and warm days.  The grass in the grove is such a beautiful hue of green – almost neon.


Tomorrow is the big day for our first bride – Leah.  Rain is expected tonight but will taper off by mid-morning.  Just enough rain to water all of our new plants and flowers.  What an exciting year ahead.  We are blessed and look forward to each and every bride.                                  ~ Margie

Dontcha’ Just Love Pinterest?

Oh, I am convinced that the world is a different place because of Pinterest.  It not only gives you ideas – but visualizes it for you and often shows you exactly how to do it.  It also gives you the opportunity to tout your own unique ideas.  I do have a pinterest page for The Barn at High Point Farms (be sure to check it out) so I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some ideas that I want to try somehow this year (for the brides that I may be decorating for)…..or I want some of you DIY brides to try.  Some of these are poses that I am hoping your photographer will try.  So….here it goes.  Now….I do want your feedback on these…..so let me know which ones “you also like”    okay?


First up – this picture is adorable.  Do you reckon that our pony, Peanut Butter, would handle getting all dolled up for such a pose?


And here is one that I am trying to figure out where I can build me one of these wooden sunbursts.  Isn’t this stunning?


I am all about “all things vintage” and I love this infusion of either silver or gold.  These old vanity mirror trays are so beautiful….they add that touch of gold plus with the mirror on the bottom – it helps to make the various decor items pop.  Even the vintage colored bottles seem to showcase more.  A candle – votives – flowers….it just adds a very elegant and vintage flair.  I do have a small collection of them…..so hoping that somebody will love it too.  The old silver platters are also beautiful….it is just unique way to add vintage to your table decor items.  I love it when all of the tables don’t look cookie cutter alike….but in theme but slightly different.


Another decorating option is to use wood trays – wood boxes – garden boxes – etc. to hold  your decor….instead of our log rounds.  Do you like any of these ideas?  I love it when you compliment it with doilies ….or moss even and then especially the bits of vintage decor that the last one shows.  Each table would certainly look different than the next one!

Down the ceremony aisle….we have seen a lot more brides using log stumps instead of shepherd’s crooks….and even the brides hanging mason jars off of the edge of the chairs.  Here is another idea – the cute mini tin buckets with pretty ribbon – full of flowers…hanging off the edge of the chairs.


Here are some poses that certainly get your attention.  Which one catches your eye?

But our awesome photographers have made some amazing shots over the years.  Not only are these beautiful – but I like the location or the pose well enough to duplicate at future weddings.


And now more often than in earlier years, we see a craze for staging photo set ups – whether before the wedding or the day of the wedding or just as a promotional photo shoot.  These do require lots of forethought – lots more furniture, props, and accessories and much more time to stage and shoot…but the results is usually quite stunning and magazine worthy.  Here are  a few that catch my eye – both some that we have staged here or one’s that have caught my fancy.

We have added our own fair share of ideas to the pinterest world.  So many of our funky pendents, chandeliers, unique landscaping approaches, decorating quirks, and such have garnered many many “pins.”  Part of our ideas come from being thrifty – from learning to use somehow what we have – and some are pure divine inspiration.

One of the best things about keeping in touch with The Barn at High Point Farms’ pinterest page is not only do you get to see – to visualize some great ideas (mine as well as others that have intrigued me) but that you often get to see how and where to imitate this here at the farm.  And just for the interest of it all – here are three of the pinterest pictures that are continually pinned the most from  my huge pinterest pin collections.

So please leave me your comments for I relish to hear from you.                                                    ~ Margie

What Was Particularly Memorable About 2015?

As we finish up our winter projects and we begin to prepare for our first wedding of the season coming up soon – I took a moment to reflect on our last year.  I thought it might be interesting to share a few of the things that were particularly memorable about our 2015 weddings and brides.


  • We had a bride bring a piano to her “grove ceremony”…and that was a first.  I am sure there is more to the story but she was adamant to have the music from Pride and Prejudice played as her “coming down the aisle” selection….and as we all know and recognize that melody – ya’ gotta have a piano to do it just right.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous day for a wedding – which meant a wonderful day to delivery a precious piano to an outdoor wedding.  With a few decorations and a talented pianist, it was indeed a wonderful addition to a beautiful and unique wedding.


  • We had several brides who opted not to be in a  traditional wedding gown…not only just not a white or ivory gown but not a wedding dress per say at all.  I will also say that it certainly seemed to fit each of these brides…it just showed off their personalities.


  • We created a whole new website with a totally fresh format.  I’ve always been big on including lots of photos but the new look with its “slider images” seems to get more bang for our buck.  It has been well received.  They do say that a picture paints a thousand words and we need a thousand words to describe us.              


  • We saw a half dozen or more “foot-washings” as part of the ceremony.  If you are unfamiliar with it – it is where the bride and groom take turns sitting in a chair and allowing the other to wash their feet.  Why you say?  It symbolizes becoming humble and serving each other in the same way that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples….For a married couple to be – it in essence shows that you are committed to each other even during the muck and mud of life.  It really is a beautiful thing to witness. 


  •  It seemed to be the “year of the automobiles” as we had quite an assortment of them brought in for added photo ops or for a classy get-a-way.  Either way – I loved them all.



  • We had added a rustic arbor to our venue early Spring ’15 and it was quite a hit.


  • We were so honored to have received two rankings during the 2015 year – both from two highly popular online wedding blogs.  One was from Here Comes The Guide.com  in their “How Romantic. 10 Wedding Venues We Have Fallen For.”  The second was “Top 24 Best Barn Venues” on Green Wedding Shoes.com.  Oh, to be affirmed in the widening pool of barn venues  is a huge thing for us.  Thank you to all of our brides who have given us such sweet and positive reviews and for your photographers who make us look so good!


  • We had one unique wedding that was more than just a mix of races but with an international flair.  Beyond that it was a truly Southern bride who made sure her wedding not only included all of the southern charm that she had always dreamed about for this day but infused the African heritage to which she was marrying into.  It was not just unique but amazing to see the blend and the bond.


  • We opened up our Mimi’s Guest House by mid-summer 2015.  Converting my mom’s home into guest lodging and wedding day uses was both an act of love but also a creative outlet.  So much of my mother is reflected in the house but quite a bit of my heart and soul as well.  It has been received well and used often.  During off months and weekdays, we offer it on AirBnB so it has been fun and interesting to meet people from all over the whole who come to the area for a few days and are glad to have a country farm refuge to retreat in.


  •  We had our first “destination elopement” ceremony.  No guests.  No reception.  A gorgeous ceremony site – lots of photos – and a honeymoon suite all in the same place.


  •  We had several Bohemian-influenced weddings last year.  They are new and fresh and outside the box…and I love ’em!



  •  We saw a new direction for the ceremony options being initiated by one of our brides.  Sorta near the grove but actually in the lawn….trees in the background but not “under” the grove.


  •  We had a old pick-up truck brought as “an appetizer truck.”  Yep….it was one-of-a-kind.






  •  I am pretty sure that I saw the most amazing cake creation of our five years.  It was a masterpiece.  It was the groom’s cake made to look like a plate full of bacon on a plate sitting on an upside down whiskey barrel half with silverware and a shot glass – all edible!  Don’t know how it tasted because the guest gobbled it up (good sign) but it was certainly a work of art!


  •  Trends?  Most bridesmaid dresses were different colors (generally varying shades of the same color) from each other.  What a pretty and soothing look this is.  I hope this continues – it sure does photograph well.




  •  Trends?  Turquoise seemed to be the color of the year!  It certainly gets my vote.



  •  Trends?  The whole dessert smorgasbord and/or candy bar was a hit this year.   It was certainly fun to see the variety of desserts brought, the selection of candies that are available even now-a-days, the cute presentation of all of these extra desserts, and the giddy look on guests faces when they find out about the amazing variety of delicious foods that awaits them.




and finally….


  •  The new places around the farm that our wonderful photographers seem to find for those amazing shots. Sometimes it is just a new twist on a familiar place. Sometimes we suggest a place and sometimes we are totally surprised.  We never cease to be amazed and often we ask each other “where is this taken”?


So what will this year hold?  I can’t wait to find out!       ~Margie




30 of the Country’s Most Beautiful Barns for Weddings

We were tickled pink last year when we were given the honor of “Top 24 Best Barn Venues” by Green Wedding Shoes.com which is a highly ranked online all-things-weddings website.  Same year we made the “How Romantic: 10 Wedding Venues We’ve Fallen For” by Here Comes the Guide – another online wedding website.  Well – drum roll – we were just notified that we have made the big league…..at least the online big league.


Country Living has included The Barn at High Point Farms on their “30 of the Most Beautiful Barns for Weddings” list.  Yeah!….Country Living – we adore that magazine. As of right now – I know it is online.  I don’t know yet if there is any hope that it will be published in print or not…but for now – we are still quite giddy at the recognition!


Here is a link to the online Country Living Online Magazine article.  Please check it out.  We are so appreciative of this prestigious honor.  There is much competition in an every growing list of barn venues.  We strive to be unique, to be authentic, to be personal, to be real.  When these bits of credit come our way, it does help to affirm our efforts.   These articles are not created to give exposure to their wedding venue advertisers like so many.  When the local paper or even local magazines tout certain venues – it is because you pay to be on the list.  This particular list was created through a collaboration between those at Country Living and The Venue Report (a prestigious online site that selectively provides information about quality venues through out the world).

So – let us soak it in tonight.  Hopefully you can be thrilled with us.  Many of you who read my blog have been “with us” in spirit for many years…..either because you are friends or you have come here before to a wedding or maybe you are set to come this year to a wedding.  Many of you have been our cheerleaders and our supporters…..we thank you for that.                                                                                                   ~ Margie

P.S.  A big thank you to Bamber Photography for allowing us to use their photograph.

Winter Projects 2015/2016

Where is Waldo?  Well – no Waldo but look closely at this photo taken today.  What do you see?  Front and center – we have those beautiful new farmhouse tables on display on the stage.  Three six-foot tables butt to butt as if they were set for a head table lay out.  The turned post white legs help give a contrast to the floors and the walls.  The rich dark wood tones atop show the beautiful grain of the distressed wood.  I have put my new doily runners on them to show the contrast.  This table would be beautiful with the votives and various table decor atop them.


Look more and what do you see?  Look straight back and you can see that we took out those stalls at the back of the barn.  One stall was the bar (we have moved it elsewhere), one stall was the decor stall (we have moved it elsewhere), and one stall was the chair stalls.  Those have been opened up which gives more space.  We have housed our three original barnwood tables in each of those former stall areas with the olive bucket pendent lights hanging over them.  These tables will live here.  They again can be left as is – with either runners or doilies or if you really prefer, you could order XL tablecloth linens to put on them.  I think they will be the prettiest with some doilies or lace runner….with the table decor.  It will save you money too.  This will give more space to the larger weddings.  It will give more options for the rain scenario indoor wedding options.  It will even give options for the typical bride…..whether this becomes the dessert smorgasbord area…..or a series of photo tables….more space and more options.


The biggie though…..in my Where is Waldo search for something new…..is a concreted floor.  Yep – we weighed the pros and cons and decided that the concrete floors would be cleaner – would be easier for all of those women with open toed shoes – and would keep the dust level down as well.  The contractor has just stained and sealed it so we still have a little bit of project completion going on….but so far – we love it!  The staining gives it a deep rich antiquing effect.


Below is a panoramic shot standing in what use to be the decor stall and taking this panoramic shot showing the left open new table area – the red trolley doors – then pans around looking towards the stage area – then past the door opening to the Pear Tree Patio – on around to the open stall again and window where you can actually see a glimpse of the new bar area – we are referring now to it as “The Watering Hole” (picture to come soon).  You can see our funky olive bucket pendent lights which hang over these barnwood tables.


More little changes yet to reveal………………..but for later.





At the end of each year, we reflect over all of the weddings of the year and ponder any changes or improvements that we might want to consider for our Winter Projects List.  We comb over pictures to see if we need to add some landscaping, add a focal point, create a sign, add more lighting, and such.  We weigh the possibilities, debate the pros and cons of a decision, evaluate the budget and timeline, and proceed slowly and carefully.  We are always thinking of ways to improve our venue and to pamper our brides more.  This winter has been no different as we indeed found several projects that we felt worthy to tackle.

Winter is still here and we are still in the middle of our long “to-do-list” so I thought maybe the best way to begin revealing our projects was to do it through this Farm Blog.  As we begin to complete some of the tasks – I will take photos and post them here.  I will just update the blog as we continue to move forward.  As spring approaches – more will be completed.  Landscaping can be completed and we can make a final showcase of all that is new.  Updates of our Barn Layout (in and out) will be added to the Bridal Survival Guide link.  We are so excited about these new changes and we hope you will be too.

First up………….new Farmhouse Tables have been made for the stage area.  We still have our barnwood tables but we are using them elsewhere.  We wanted to elevate our game a bit by making some tables that were nicer – prettier – fancier – but still rustic.  These were built with old wood but we were able to make them pop and come alive.

I gotta thank my husband David for persevering with these tables.  To use the old wood “with character” means a huge challenge in taming them to conform to a table design….but, they were well worth it.  Nothing like old wood….add some stains and a good layer of poly and….well, they are beautiful.  We have made three of them.  This will allow you to again potentially use them for your sweetheart table or for several head tables.  No need for linens (unless you just prefer the look).  Can you imagine some doilies or lace down the middle of these?  They will seat 8 per table – less of course if you butt them together.  They are approximately 6 ft. long and 32 inches wide.

Next update will be soon – within the week, I hope.  Next…….it will be Birdhouses!


Winter weather meant a switcheroo in our work schedule so let me skip the birdhouse and show you an inside project that is virtually completed.


Our infamous stall buffet room has a slight upgrade.  We took the buffet shelf off of the wall.  We created a very long table down the center of the room.  This way it allows two lanes of traffic to run down the buffet line at the same time – making for a quicker process.  Yeah!

barn buffet table

And…..we put a nice large old chandelier overhead to add a bit of light and ambiance.


Now – does anybody notice what is missing?  Yes?   No?  We moved our funky olive bucket pendent lights from this room….but don’t worry – we have a new home for them.   But – that is for another day and another revelation to come.


~ Margie

It Is All About The Details

As I like to state as often as possible, we are so pleased that we have such talented photographers accompany our sweet brides to visually capture their special day.  And so blessed that so often, these photographers not only take many detail shots of our farm/barn/venue but that they happily share these with us to use how we can.  I wanted to share some of these “detail pics” that capture so many of the little things that help to create the mood of our farm.


Thank you to all our talented and generous photographers.                                    ~ Margie

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