Author: Margie Gardner

Beginning with the trend of the barn weddings, came much more flexibility of what sort of plates you should have for your wedding - paper, plastic, or china. No doubt about it, a long reception table laid out in fine china, real silverware, and an array of glassware is all very impressive.  Especially with the accents of real candles on the tables and our cafe lights overhead, it glistens and sparklers and makes a statement.  Real china thus requires involving a rental company or working through your caterer to facilitate it.  It also requires extra staff to set it out, bus

  Wow!  What a whirlwind that brides have been enduring these last couple of months with the Covid influence on all of our lives.  Fretting won't help but finding a way to make lemonade out of the lemons of all of this might just be the best plan.  Rethinking wedding options on location, on the size of your event and who to invite (and who best to encourage to stay home), plus even pondering all of your wedding details is a smart move that in one way or the other, all brides are having to address.  We have offered an array