June 2023

Weddings are a one-in-a-life time event packed with memories, celebrations, families, and expenses.  Controlling the budget is a concern for most brides no matter what their budget actually is.  Here are five cost-saving wedding tips that can help you stretch your budget without sacrificing your vision. Tip #1: Keep the Bridal Party Clothing Simpler Nowadays, wedding expenses are paid sometimes by the couple themselves or even partly by both bride and groom's side of the family.  Either way, most couples have different priorities of where the bulk of their monies go.  Whether you are paying for your bridal party's clothing or

Honeyroot Photo and Film Introduction Wedding day is a long awaited dream filled day that will be remembered for the rest of your life. It races by quickly and is packed with a busy timeline ranging from preparing logistics to an emotional ceremony to often chaotic reception and more.  Hopefully with some smart pre-planning, careful packing, and some helpful volunteers, wedding day can allow a bride to be in La-La-Land, as it should be, enjoying the day while knowing the details are being handled.   Let me share with you my top three "Wedding Day Planning" advice. With so many items to bring, to