Author: Margie Gardner

Our 2018-2019 winter project was to build a tree-house honeymoon suite. We have lodging options in our farmhouse and in our Mimi Guest House, but we wanted a special option for our bride and groom's.   Though we embrace the "farmhouse-vibe" both at our farm and with our other lodging options, we wanted to take it with a new twist with our new project.  We envisioned a cute "mini-farmhouse cottage" style.  The white outside walls, turned porch columns, long and skinny front windows, a cozy front porch, and a tin roof all SHOUT farmhouse.

Throughout each year, we showcase pictures from our weddings.  Each gallery is beautiful and we enjoy showing off our stunning brides and their event.  This selection list is dedicated purely to our talented photographers who come to the farm.  These photos go above and beyond the norm.  There is something in the lighting, the staging, the angle, whatever - that sets these above rest.  We feel that their quality is so extraordinary that they are "Magazine Worthy" and we would not be surprised to see them grace the pages of a wedding publication. What is always a pain-staking process, we comb