March 2022

Many of our wedding couples have dogs and so they ponder whether on wedding day - should they include their dog or not. Often for these couples, their dog/s are very important in their lives. Sometimes, the dog is even "already important" to both bride and groom. There are many factors that go into this decision. Let me go over many of them here so you can be informed better so you know how best to proceed. First, there are some basic logistics. How many dogs do you have or want to consider bringing to your

Our 2022 wedding season opened this weekend. This year begins our 12th season. The picture above was of our very first wedding in 2011. So much has changed but so much is the same. First - the "way we were." While the ceremonies are still predominantly held outside, the walking path to the ceremony is now all a concrete and stone pathway. Our benches are a permanent fixture which blends better to the atmosphere of the grove. No more need to haul chairs outside and then back inside. Appetizer hour was outside.

Joy and Everette Photo Wedding day starts early and runs at a face-pace all day long, so how does a bride create a wedding line that fits everything in? Honeyroot Photo Typically the day begins with the prepping for the girls which is everything from hair and make-up to actually getting into the dresses.  Questions to ask that effect your timeline is 1. Will this be on-site or off-site?   2. How many girls will be needing these professional services? and   3. How many vendors do you have to provide these services? If you are "all about the photos" on wedding day, you might want